An exclusive combination of beeswax, candelilla wax, coconut oil, and highly scented 100% natural essential oils housed in a beautiful candle that resides in a glass jar. The true essence of nature shines through with this clean burning and long lasting cotton & hemp wick candle(s). Take a moment to take a deep breathe, release it slowly, relax and enjoy your serene surroundings more deeply with these succulent aromatic scents.


Choose From:

Cedar/Mint. Invigorating, minty blend with dry wood notes. Features peppermint and cedar wood.

Clary Sage/Lavender. Herbaceous floral, featuring lavender, clary sage, spike lavender, lemon, & palmarosa.

Orange/Ginger. Fresh & zesty citrus aroma, featuring sweet orange, ginger, clove, and lemongrass.

Cinnamon/Cypress. A woody scent that is both sweet and savory featuring cinnamon, cedar, cypress, patchouli.

Lemon/Vetiver. Bright citrus with earthy undertones, featuring lemon, vetiver, and lavender notes.



All Natural Essential Oil Candles w/Coconut Base

    • Reusable glass container
    • Highly Scented – with only 100% Essential Oils
    • Clean Burning – Exclusive formulation of beeswax, candelilla wax and coconut oil burns clean with no base odor
    • Long Lasting – 40 hour burn time
    • Cotton & Hemp Wicks
    • No Soy, No GMO's, No Paraffin & No Synthetic Fragrances
    • Recyclable and Compostable Packaging
    • Made in the USA
  • All products will be shipped out within 1-2 business day(s).