Take an energetic, cleansing bath and give your personal objects and space (home, office or car) one too, with this natural 100% natural, easy to use smudging wand incense. This smudging wand is also safe to use and contains no synthetic or harmful chemicals. Simply light the tip of the want and allow it to burn a bit and then blow it out slowly. As it smolders it will relase fragrant smoke and can be held in hand or placed in a holder for a prolonged aromatic effect.


Maroma Wild Sage Smudging Wand Incense

    • Fair-Trade Incense
    • Highest quality incense
    • Perfectly balanced natural fragrances
    • Handmade with natural essential oils and botanical extracts
    • Earth Friendly
    • No toxic, synthetic or harmful ingredients
    • 2 incense coils in a pack with1 metal holder
    • Each incense burns for approximately 8 hours