This Maroma Colibri Lavender sachet is perfect for use in closet(s) and/or drawer(s). These hand size sachet(s) are also good to use in the car, storage containers or units or/and wherever else you may want to put them.  They freshen and sustain fabrics with a light, fresh natural lavender scent. These sachets not only smell good they also repel moths and some insects too.



Colibri Lavender Square Sachets

  • The base formula contains essential oils and botanical extracts.


    • 100% natural formula that helps keep wool, silk and other fabrics in
      mint condition.
    • For optimum results the sachets should be used year round and replaced every three to six months.
    • Colibri products are all natural.
    • Sachet contain no chemicals or animal elements and have never been tested on animals.
    • Fair Trade
    • Sachet are handmade and packaged in recycled and recyclable cotton paper.