Check out this 3 layer reusable high quality face mask that you can wear all day. This mask has a sewn in filter and is breathable. It also has a soft upcycled cotton interior that is comfortable against your face and will not fog up your glasses. Because it is reusable an itd can save an estimated 547 single-use masks from ending up in our landfills and water streams. Lastly, this mask comes with a pouch to carry it in.

Let us be more mindful of the products we purchase and the packaging it comes in.




This is a personal use item and cannot be exchanged or returned.


Black Reusable Face Covering w/Pouch

    • Mask comes in a Containment Pouch with metal carabiner clip: keeps your clean mask clean, and your contaminated mask contained after use. Carabiner clip can be used to attach the 'mask in pouch' to a backpack, purse, keyring, etc. so you always have it close by.
    • Flexible, Anti-Fog Metal Nose Bridge - removes a common air-gap that fogs up glasses and reduces the effectiveness of other masks.
    • Versatile & Comfortable: Soft silicone adjustable ear loops, and a behind-the-head adjustable strap help to relieve stress on the ears.
    • Adjustable straps allow the wearer to customize their fit to be worn with glasses, behind a ponytail/ hair bun, or even below the occipital bone (the bump on back of your skull)
    • Safe, comfortable materials: Outer Layer made out of breathable, knitted sports polyester; Inner Layer made of soft, upcycled woven cotton
    • Safe to Use: BPA-Free, PVC-Free, Phthalate Free and independent third party tested
    • Care: Machine Wash in Cold Water
    • Made Responsibly and Ethically with Fair Labor certification- Climate Neutral Certified
    • Layer Materials:
      - Inside Layer: Made of soft, woven cotton
      -Reusable Washable Filter Layer (Only For 3-Layer Mask)
      - Outer Layer: 100% knitted polyester


      - Mask: 5.75" x 11.5"

      - Pouch: 5.5" x 5.7"

      Care Instructions:

      - Machine Wash at 65C/150F for 30 Min. & Hang To Dry

  • This product will ship within 1 - 2 business day(s).