Jasmine, an ultrasonic quality made aroma diffuser, transforms what seems mundane, ordinary— into an inviting space with a little water and a few drops of your preferred Essential Oil.  Sitting on the bedside table or at the corner of your desk, Jasmine beckons you to slow down and breathe in deeply - a gentle stream of fragrance. Elevate your senses, choosing the pure essential oil best suited as a homeopathic remedy or for aromatherapy, meeting your needs in a well-balanced space every minute of the day. This Jasmine's long running time and low maintenance makes this diffuser ideal for home, office and/or school environments. Great for rooms up to 540 sq.ft.

Jasmine Diffuser

Color: Black
    • Jasmine uses ultrasonic technology, blending water and pure essential oil (no synthetic oil, please), emitting your favorite fragrance

    • Operates at interval mode (10 minutes on/ 20 minutes off), increasing running time to 24 hours, or continuous mode, promising 8 hours of a tailored, ideal experience.

    • Automatically shuts off when water empties, giving you peace of mind

    • Suitable Accessories: Stadler Form Pure Essential Oils, Zero Calc

    • Dimensions: 5.1” W x 3.5” H x 5.1” D; Weight: 0.9 lbs.; Rated Power: 7.2 Watt

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