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World Sleep Day: Sleep is Essential for Health!

World Sleep Day - Earthy Naturals

Have you had a great nice rest lately? If not, learn about why you should get some good sleep now, just in time for World Sleep Day which occurs every Friday before the Spring Equinox. In 2023, it will take place on Friday, March 17th. The theme for this year is “Sleep is Essential for Health” and with daylight savings time happening this week, it is imperative now more than ever to make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep every night, if not most nights to function at optimum levels throughout the day.

What is World Sleep Day?

World Sleep Day is intended to bring awareness to the importance of sleep; especially in modern day society that does not always seem to appreciate its significance. Running all the time and not resting is in no way beneficial for living a healthy long life. Sleep on the other hand can make a great difference on how the body functions during the day; especially when one eats right (healthy choices), participates in regular physical activity, and has a descent social life. Living a balance may not be easy, but it is surely worth a try to have every area operating at an optimal balance.

World Sleep Day is organized by the World Sleep Society Committee to lessen the burden of sleep problems on society through prevention and management of sleep disorders. Education plays a key role in tackling some of today’s sleep conditions or concerns so that individuals, friends and families know how to better cope or what to do when sleep patterns are a little off.

6 Things to Help Improve Sleep.

1. Ventilated room

a. A good night’s sleep may start by sleeping in a room that is well ventilated and that has a temperature that you are comfortable sleeping in throughout the sleep cycles. Set that room so you can relax without being to hot that your are sweating or too cold your are freezing. It may be also relaxing to sleep with less clothes than more if you are not sharing a space with strangers.

2. Caffeine cut-off

a. Have and set a caffeine cut-off time and stick to it most days of the week to avoid having sleep issues. For example if you wake up @ 5am to 8am. Have all the joe you need prior to 1pm no later than 2pm because it may cause you to have a hard time falling to sleep in the evening. However, if you are going to sleep at 11pm to midnight, you shall be fine with a 1pm to 2pm caffeine cut-off time.

3. Healthy sleep pattern

a. Determine a time you should go to bed each night and a time to wake up. You will eventually be able to wake up without an alarm clock if you are not already doing so because your body will become used to this new habit. An example will be to get in bed by 11pm Sunday – Thursday and wake up at 6am or 7am most mornings. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time is easy to do when the body becomes accustomed to such a cycle. You should notice feeling more rejuvenated in the mornings when you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep most nights out of the month.

4. Bedroom Essentials

a. Make sure to have a comfortable bedroom. One that is peaceful and quiet and one that is not full of blue light and electronic appliances

b. The bedroom is typically for sex and sleeping, try to keep all other activities outside of it. This will set the mind into thinking that nothing else should be going on in the bedroom and therefore work and all other play is done in the living room or outside the home.

5. Workout

a. Get your physical activity routine done early in the morning or early in the evening to avoid it interfering with your bedtime. Exercise can perk you up like coffee, so avoid doing any physical activity 2 hours before going to sleep.

6. Food Intake

a. Avoid eating anything heavy 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep to avoid acid indigestion, an upset stomach, or any other gastric problems that will have you tossing and turning while trying to sleep.

b. Eat a bedtime snack that is light on the body, yet nutritious when possible. Foods like almonds, sorbet, kiwi, cherries, or seeds at a minimum. Avoid foods that are heavy on the system and those with excess sugar for bedtime snacks.


Good sleep is just as imperative to operate properly as your physical, emotional, social, and mental health. Making sure to get enough good sleep every night can have a tremendous impact on overall health, therefore, take heed and do your best to ensure you get a good night’s sleep every night if not most nights if not for anything other than to stay alert and on top of your game throughout the day.

Pondering Question(s):

What is one thing you can do today, this week to make sure you take better care of yourself in the sleep department?



World Sleep Day 2023

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