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Women's History Month Celebrated!

March is significant for being Women’s History Month. Prior to 1987, America only celebrated Women’s History week from March 2nd to March 8th since the President Carter days. In 1987, the Women’s History Month was signed into law and had various themes that followed along with it. This year’s Women’s History Month theme is “Valiant Women of the Vote.” The theme honors "the brave women who fought to win suffrage rights for women, and for the women who continue to fight for the voting rights of others." The fact is women have been shaping lives for others for centuries, their stories were just not told or shown to be as glamorous as men but thank goodness times have changed.

Women’s History Month Importance

March is a month to appreciate and recognize women who have pave the way for where and maybe who we have become as women today. March continues to bring consciousness about woman like Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama, Jackie O’ Kennedy, Hilary Clinton, Katherine Johnson etc.. actions have opened doors to women that are here on earth today and those who are not yet born. Yes, we were all encouraged or impacted by some woman who had come before us as well as those who are here today. One day we will leave a legacy that will impact the generations that have not yet arrived on this earth too. How big or small our impact is, is solely up to us and our actions during our time here in this world.


We know that people do not often think about what legacy they will be leaving behind, but we are here today to remind you that every day you are given breath you are able to craft your walk to the way you want the world to remember you and what you were about while here. Now if you were not aware of this or never thought you had so much power, take this blog post as something to take seriously. Everyone who has been given breath, has an ability to leave an influence on this world that cannot and will not be erased. Some people’s impact will be small, while others will be immensely large; but no matter what it is, it is up to us to decide by being an empowering human being to decide by our choices. You see, we all start with a beginning (birth) and then live out our lives through that dash until the very end which is the conclusion (death). That conclusion is only on earth, but through actions, books, words and works we all can leave a significant contribution to this world that no one can take away. The good thing is we can start in 2020, today or this month if we have not already decided on what type of legacy we want to leave. In our own right, everyone woman, man that is living on this earth has an opportunity to make history and leave a legacy to be remembered by for years to come.

Questions to Ponder on this March:

  • What women in history has had a personal impact that has shaped your life? (past or present)

  • What about them excites and lights a fire in you to keep going on when you have doubts?

  • What woman do you need to say “thank you” to for assisting you in your career or some area of your life? No one goes at it alone. Who has helped you?

  • What is the message, the story that you want to imprint into the history book's?

  • How would you like to be remembered?


In conclusion, this month if you have not yet seen Hidden Figures, please consider renting it and see how women; especially African American women changed NASA & IBM and opened the doors for us today and those of tomorrow. Women Have Power it has been shown all throughout history and will continue to be on display for all generations; past, present and future.

Happy Women’s History Month!


National Women History Museum, National Women’s History Month

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