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Keep Hydrated with Watermelons & Berries!

I just had the most delicious refreshing homemade ice slush drink. Yes, yes, I did, I made watermelon cubes by cutting up a watermelon into squares and sticking some pieces that I did not want to eat yet in the freezer and boy did it make something that tasted amazing. A few days ago, I had a thirst quenching drink inclusive of some watermelons and then I concluded, that I have to share with you other ways to stay hydrated when it is hot out or when you need to quench your thirst and water alone is just not enough for you.

One of the most revitalizing drinks outside of water is watermelon, which is about 92% water. Add some berries to your watermelon and it is antioxidant hydrating drink that will have you feeling well quenched; not to mention your hair, nails and skin will thank you for it later.

Want a beautiful refreshing meal? Watermelon and berries not only makes for a gorgeous salad, it is a refreshing meal to eat while sipping on a little bit of lemon or lime water or pop in your mouth as a snack on a hot day.

Tips to stay hydrated:

  • Take your ice cube tray and get creative. Cut a watermelon into a square and make melon cubes. Drop 3 blueberries in one and have blueberries cubes, use black berries, strawberries and raspberries too.

  • Don’t have trays. Cut the watermelon up in cubes and freeze them in a bowl, jar or recyclable baggie.

  • You can make an awesome Ice Pops or sorbet with just the chill from the watermelon. I do it all the time; add a leaf of mint for design or flavor and even a pinch of lemon if you desire. You can use a Blendtec, Ninja, Vitamix, NutriBullet or other household appliance to make homemade sorbet quickly.

No one has to turn to unnatural sugars and/or sodas during this time of heat this Season. Some of these sugary drinks and sodas will only swell you up and/or spike your insulin levels. Blueberries are low on the glycemic index and are packed with antioxidants, watermelons are flavorful and are full of water and the berry family together is high in fiber to help keep your digestive system working at its optimum levels and you feeling clean on the inside; it also makes you feel full faster and longer. Berries are packed with Vitamin C & K and Manganese which helps with inflammation, memory, PMS, Osteoporosis. Watermelons are an antioxidant too, and has Vitamin A, B6 & C, together with berries this makes for an amazing dish or drink.
Being that it is National Blueberry Month it is only fitting that you are reminded so get those berries in for the many benefits that they will bestow on to you.
Watermelon, Berry Spinach & Arugula Salad Recipe

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Serves: 2

What you need for this recipe:

(2) Cups of Berries

(2) Cups of Spinach

(2) Cups of Arugula

(2) Avocado(s)

(1) Small Watermelon 5 lbs.

(½/) Red Onions

Optional: Feta Cheese or Vegan White Cheese (Follow Your Heart/Daiya are Best)

What you need for the dressing:

(1) Lime or Lime Juice

(1) Garlic Glove Minced

(2) oz of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(½) Teaspoon of Sea Salt.

(½) Teaspoon Black Peppers

Salad Preparation

Cube the Watermelon, chopped the spinach, arugula and onions in a large bowl

Salad Dressing Preparation

Chop the garlic finely, mix all the ingredients in bowl and whisk together, chill and serve. Enjoy!

Since it is National Blueberry Month don't forget to get as much of these fruits goodness in this month. On August 3rd it is National Watermelon Day!


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