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The Awakening of a New Season

We are all living in a time of immense turmoil and uncertainty; or wait has it been that we have always lived this way and just became conscious of it due to world’s most recent Covid-19 plague? No matter where one falls in the spectrum of things it is time to be honest, we have recently become awaken or more awaken than usual in 2020; especially in the United States and heck this is only the 3rd month of the year.

Awaken Perspective

This virus is like no other that man has experienced in this lifetime, which is why so many people are running around in an agonizing panic with immense fear causing themselves bounteous anxiety. The world is forced to cope in ways that they have never have, had to do before so things are uncomfortable. What about if those who are not on the front line(s) were to be still and just be. Simply take time to live in the moment; meditate and reflect on where they are in their life and what things they may want to change moving forward after all this pandemonium dies down. We all know this pandemic will soon past and we will move forward; but the way we move ahead, just as the Season’s change every quarter is all up to us.

As sad as it is to admit, so many people hate change, however, change is inevitable. This virus has forced China into change late last year and us in the U.S to make some changes rather quickly now for the survival of our being. Take a moment, look at your life now, it is nothing but a constant change since you have entered this world. You were born a baby and may now be an adolescent, adult, senior; but whether or not you acknowledged it, you have changed and will continue to do so as long as you reside here on earth. Change does not always feel good, but it does not mean that it will not happen; for it is predestined to occur. So, with this said, begin to think about awakening your spirit, your total being. Spring is not for just cleaning out your home where you physically live; it is a perfect to be cleaning out or up your personal internal house; consisting of your mind, body and spirit/soul.


Some people’s thinking has them living so stuck, that it takes colossal events like this virus, which has halted the normalcy of everyday living to display their actions to them. These folks have taken for granted the many gifts that have been afforded into their life until it is no longer there or taken away. People who resisted working from home, are now forced to do so and it has been much harder to do because they resisted continuing to educate themselves on how to be the best version of them. So many people live life complaining or sit in jobs that they hate but are comfortable in believing that an employer is obligated to do something for them, but events like this shows that no one is invincible, and no one owes anyone anything. Heed the advice that 2020 is about awakening, awakening your entire being. Everyone has their own opinions, but no matter which way anyone views things, we are all living in some serious uncertain times and if people do not get with the program and make some changes they will indeed be left behind. In addition, if one is unhappy with something or someone in their life; take this time to reflect, so that you can become clear on what needs to change within you and around you. There is no better time to put a plan in place for you to implement once this virus epidemic expires. We know it won’t be "if" it is over but "when" it over, what new direction has this experience left you to want to walk in?


Though we all are going through this Covid-19 pandemic, know that there will be light on the other side of the tunnel. Awaken your mind to the possibilities that are in front of you. We want to leave everyone with some questions to ask themselves while entering into the Season of Spring:

  • · When the pandemic ends, will you continue to live in the same manner, or will you make some life changes for the better?

  • · What has been holding you back from living the life you dream? (Think hard)

  • · Will you take actions to empower yourself to be a better more knowledgeable human to leave your mark on this world?

  • · What dreams or goals do you have, but out of fear you have not taken any action?

  • · Where do you see yourself the same time next year?


Tired of living afraid, paranoid and stuck? Consider hiring an experienced coach to help you on your journey of conscious living. Change and shifts are not necessarily easy, but with a Professional around to hold one accountable and guide or partner; they are surely doable and manageable. Take the first step by deciding to change before it is too late, for time waits for no one. Start living more consciously and become awaken so that you can live your best life with true happiness and love.

E-mail us here if you are serious and want to a 15-minute complimentary coaching call. We are certified and experienced in coaching, consulting, and educating on transformational health & wellness/fitness/nutrition/lifestyle/holistic living and entrepreneurship/small business.

**Remember a goal without a plan and taking action is just dreaming!

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