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Stop Food Waste

Today, April 26th, 2023, is Stop Food Waste Day. What does that mean? It is a day that was designed to bring awareness and education to the masses regarding things they can do to minimize food waste that they may have been contributing to unconsciously every day. It is a time to pledge to make a change and help bridge the gap of the unsurmountable food insecurities’ that exists in this world, but especially this nation. There are simple things that can be done to make sure everyone who lives on this earth has food to eat and water to drink, we all just need to think before taking action on many of the things, we do every day of our lives and decide to make better choices where we fall short.

What is Stop Food Waste Day?

As of 2017, the last Wednesday in April was designated to be Stop Food Waste Day. It is a day of hope to educate people that so many in the world are hungry and they don’t need to be. Everyday loads of foods are thrown out because it was not consumed, but the food can be donated to charity, the homeless or someone in need. Some companies would rather throw food away than to help those in need and that is not good at all. The sad thing is the situation is going to get worse if become do not become aware of their actions and do their part to help society.

Why Did Stop Food Waste Day Come About?

People throughout the world are just wasting food like there is no tomorrow, but the truth is there will be no tomorrow for those who are less fortunate if people don’t wake up and become aware of their actions. Americans have so much food it is often taken for granted leaving a gap between the wealthy and the poor. The way that this gap can be decreased happens when people decide to become more conscious of their daily actions and tasks; and make changes to help everyone that exists on planet earth. Simple things like ordering a bowl for lunch and saving some of the food for dinner instead of throwing the excess away.

The Significance of Awareness & Change

Food waste has significant social, economic, and environmental implications for our society. It's estimated that approximately one-third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted each year, this is equivalent to 1.3 billion tons of food; the sad part is this number continues to increase every day and many are not doing what they could to change things for the better.

Reducing food waste does not need to be an arduous task. We made it simple by compiling a list of things you can do easily to make our world a better place by stopping food waste.

Simple Ways to #Stop Food Waste Today & Every Day Moving Forward

1. Plan:

1. Before going to the market, make a shopping list to help you focus on what you need vs. things you want or don't need.

2. Planning out meals for the week can save on many levels, including our money and time. Eating out may be limited when you become conscious of how much money you are wasting on things you can do on your own. Taking control of the foods which are taken into your body will help your total well-being inclusive of your mind and body. You will be aware of every ingredient you allow in that meal you prepare and hopefully decide to choose more nutrient dense foods to place into your family and your body vs. deficient foods.

2. Plant a seed:

1. Growing your food is a simple way to avoid waste. You can take charge of your life with every seed you place in the ground. It is like going from farm to fork in a more sustainable way. There is no need to have food travel from destination to destination before getting to your table.

3. Store food properly:

1. Store food in the right conditions to keep it fresh for longer. Clean food before placing them in the fridge or freezer so that when you are ready to eat or prepare them, they are ready to go.

2. If you store fruits or veggies on the counter for a few days, you can later transform them into the fridge or freezer. An example would be to keep bananas on an outside shelf, so when they start to turn colors, place them in the freezer for later when you can make a good dessert like nice cream for later, which is vegan ice cream.

3. If veggies lack life, consider allowing them to sit in ice water to bring them back to life. There is nothing like an ice soak for foods and humans alike. Ice baths can revitalize and bring life to what may show signs of withering away.

4. Transform foods or make leftovers:

1. After making a large meal that has you feeling stuffed, utilize the leftover food to develop new, creative meals or freeze them for later. An example is making quinoa and then making a quinoa salad, burger, or falafel. You can also make a casserole, lasagna, or soup and freeze some for later.

2. Leftovers can last for weeks, sometimes months, so when you purchase food, pick things that can last long in the freezer like bananas, berries, brussel sprouts, peas, string beans.

3. The next meal you make, consider various ways to repurpose leftovers. The first step is to start implementing what your creative mind tells you to do.

5. Compost:

1. Composting food waste can help reduce the amount of organic waste that ends up in landfills.

2. Donate excess:

a. Give away excess foods like, can goods, monies, or time to helping people that are need of assistance.

b. Buy in bulk? Consider donating excess food to local shelters to help people in need.

Recipe Guide

If you need simple, creative recipes, nutritional values, and images that will delight your taste buds, visit our online store to purchase a recipe guide to help you on your creative food journey, which can actually help you make better food choices. You will learn so much because it is more than just recipes; these are guides filled with knowledge that will keep you aware and increase your growth mindset when it comes to what you put in you and your loved one’s bodies.


In conclusion, food waste is everyone’s problem, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Once you are aware of this and do not partake in doing your part you are no better than those who don’t know how their actions are destroying humanity. Therefore, consider doing something good by becoming more conscious of the choices you make, in how, why, and when you discard the foods, you decide to purchase. Ask yourself ahead of time will I wrap it up and eat it later or will I share it or give it away. Remember, to always have compassion and do what you can because there are so many ways to Stop Food Waste every day and there are so many people that are relying on your help.

Ponder Question(s):

What can you do to make a difference to Stop Food insecurity in your environment (locally, nationally and/or on a global scale)?

*You have the power to do what is always right. Stop, pause, and decide to make a difference today.

#Stop Food Waste Day

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