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Spiked Vegan Egg Nog

December is National Eggnog Month and December 24th is National Eggnog Day, but this year, it is time to move the timeline up a bit to start the celebration in November, just in time for Thanksgiving. You hear me. O.K. The last couple of years have been hard, heck maybe even the last couple of months Eggnog is synonymous celebration punch. I know it is one of our favorite drinks and it can be made to accommodate just about everyone from the vegan to casual drinker and then some. Try the eggnog recipe below or this one. to have a happy holiday season among those your find near and dear to your heart.

Spiked Nog

Serving Size: 8

Prep/Boil/Simmer Time: 10 Minutes

What you need for this recipe:

4.5 Cups of Almond/Coconut/Cashew, or Oat Milk

3 ¼ Tablespoons of Maple Syrup

1 Vanilla Bean (Cut open and scraped out)

1 Teaspoon of Organic Vanilla Extract

1¼ Teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon

1 Teaspoon of Nutmeg

¼ Teaspoon of Cardamom (Optional)

4-5 oz. of Amaretto, Bourbon, Brandy, or Rum (Optional) +

1 Cheese Cloth (Optional)

1 Strainer (Optional)

1-2 Cubes of Ice (Optional)

High Powered/Speed Blender

Organic Dates can be substituted with or instead of maple syrup. (depends on how sweet you want your drink). If dates are used, they may need to be soaked for about 10 to 15 minutes before incorporating into the drink. This will cause some additional time to make the drink, but the taste will be amazing especially once you add a kick to the mix.

Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend on low for about a minute. Blend for longer if you prefer a frothier eggnog. Adjust the spices to your preference. Add ice to chill or place in the fridge for an hour. Pour, sip, and enjoy! If there are any left over, place in an airtight container and place in the fridge for no more than 7 days. Though it won’t last past a day if that.

Whip Cream

Try So Delicious Whip Cream, it is actually delicious or whip up your own with 5 ingredients: (coconut cream, brown sugar, vanilla extract and a dash (teaspoon) of Amaretto and pinch of cinnamon) Aquafaba can be substituted for coconut cream. Whip it all together and place in the freezer until ready to serve.

This holiday season be cheerful with glee and get creative when making your drinks. Keep things festive and make sure to never let a friend or family member drink and drive.

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