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Simple Tips to Help Alleviate Fatigue!

Are you often bothered by fatigue? Feeling more than tired and have no idea what to do? Do you wish to have more energy to get through the month, better yet days feeling better than you do now? Perhaps you are suffering from constant fatigue and are thinking enough is enough already. I must do something about this now. There is no better time like the present to make that change. We have some simple solutions to help you resolve these concerns.

What is fatigue?

Fatigue is an incessant feeling of excessive tiredness even though adequate amounts of sleep and proper nutrition may be present. Fatigue is sometimes caused by an underlying issue. If you want to remedy it, you should uncover the root cause first. If your fatigue is not serious, you can work with a Health Coach, Holistic Professional or try some things out on your own

Tips to Alleviate Fatigue

1. Sleep

a. Often, a little more sleep consistently can remedy the problem of feeling fatigued due to lack of sleep or no sleep at all. A uniform sleep pattern that is constant for a period of time is better than one that is all over the place when working to improve fatigue. A The circadian rhythm may be off and need a reset.

2. Destress

a. Stress can play a big part in making one feel fatigued. Keep a stress journal to write down the things and people that stress you out is beneficial. Releasing things onto paper helps to not keep negative tension within the body.

3. Monitor food sensitivities/triggers

a. Certain foods you eat can make you feel fatigued as well. If this is the situation, it is time to partake in an elimination diet. Taking note of how specific foods, as well as drinks, make you feel inside. A change like this can take two weeks to a month to get to the bottom of what can be stopping you from feeling your best every day. However, if you put in the work, you will reap the rewards with optimum results.

4. Physical Activity

a. Get moving will ya! It is time for you to move your body and have it sit stagnant behind a desk on or on sofa all or the majority of the day. If you are feeling fatigued, it can be because you do not move enough or simply refuse to. It can also be because you are overweight or obese. Not all big people are fatigue though; some small people can suffer from being fatigue too. Partaking in some form of exercise and walking or jogging at least 2x a week for 30 to 45 minutes, more if you feel up to it can be beneficial to feeling less exhaustion.

5. Avoid or Minimize Coffee/Sugar Caffeine

a. Taking a break from the world’s most acceptable drug of choice (coffee with sugar) can do wonders to improving the way you feel. Eliminate coffee and sugar for at least two weeks to a month and notice how much better you feel. You will have withdrawals that may make you feel like a strung-out junkie on drugs; however, that comes with the process of weaning yourself off drugs that you have been addicted to for many years, maybe even decades of your life. Coming off of coffee and sugar is very hard to do, but it will help you feel more energized and vibrant. Keeping your eyes and mind on the end goal is the key to achieving your goals. One of the easiest ways to wean yourself off coffee is to mix your coffee with a coffee alternative and then switch to the alternative coffee completely as a replacement. We @ EN&T love’s us some Teeccino and work closely with educating people on the brand, especially when their doctors instruct their patients that they should no longer be intaking coffee or need to cut down for whatever reasons.

6. Live

a. Start doing things that captivate and excite you. Doing things that do not make you feel good is not productive to eliminating fatigue from your life. Getting out more, engaging in activities you like to do with people you enjoy being around or the things that make you happy are sure to help you feel less fatigue.

7. Water

a. Sometimes fatigue is brought on because one is dehydrated. Adding an adequate amount of water to your lifestyle can be the thing to remedy fatigue. It does not take weeks or a month to notice results; in most cases, a few days of intaking H20 is good enough.

8. Practice Healthy Eating

a. Avoid fast foods and foods that are high in fat and sugar. In addition, avoid or limit foods that tend to make you feel lethargic after eating them, like processed foods or heavy meats and cakes. Try your hand at more whole foods or a plant-based lifestyle that is less inflammatory and hard on the body. Remember you are what you eat. Eat to energize your mind, body, spirit and soul.

Serious Fatigue

If you feel that you are chronically fatigued due to a medical condition, especially a serious one, please contact your physician immediately and let them know what is happening so that you can be properly evaluated and treated.


In conclusion, be more mindful of the things you put in your body and around your body, get enough water and commit to exercise at minimum 2x to a week for 30 minutes or more, but try some if not all the suggestions/tips that have been provided here for an entire month or longer. Since it takes a while for symptoms to come about, give these tips some time to work so that you can alleviate the exhaustion have been experiencing. If you need help on your journey, reach out to us via our contact us page or via this scheduling link. One of our Holistic Health Coaches is available for a quick chat to see how they may assist you in this matter.

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