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Self Love - Love Thy Self Part 2

“Self-Love”. Do you know what that is to love thy self? You would be surprised by the amount of people who do not have a clue of what self-love is. The type of self-love we will be discussing is not superficial or narcissistic. Leaving us to define self-love, as the ability to care for and love oneself no matter what is going on in one’s life good or bad. If you are working a job, running a business, an entrepreneur, unemployed, under-employed, single, married, big, small tall or short one, the list goes on; one should be able to love oneself unconditionally regardless of their circumstances.

Self-love is being able to look inside a mirror on any given day and know that you are indeed worthy and beautiful whether someone told you, you were or not. Self-love is living in a state of mind knowing that no one can define who you are other than you, unless you give them that power over you. Self-love is, knowing that you deserve to be loved by you even if no one else chooses to. You dictate how you will have other people treat you and make you feel, when you love yourself. You will not allow no human to disrespect you and what you believe to be true of you. This does entail having some self-esteem, but that is not an arduous task when you care about one-self. In life, we are 100% responsible for the thoughts we have, the words we speak and the decisions we make. Take the remainder of this love filled month to show yourself more love than you have ever done before.

Today, as you read these words affirm love into your atmosphere and make self-love a more prominent part of your life’s journey.

For the remainder of February consider showing some love to those sore feet, chipped nails, droopy eyes, dry skin, tired bodies or roaming minds. Consider these 10 ways to show yourself some self-love on your expedition to rejuvenation this month.

1. Treat yourself to a massage or a spa day

a) To do even better rent a hotel room where you can soak in a sauna, swim in a pool and exercise or do whatever you want to, to show yourself some self-love away from home for a day or two. If money is an issue, take one day this month to make it all about you within the comfort of your home. (Run a bubble bath in your tub and soak for no less than 15 minutes.) Turn on your diffuser, drop in so oil, light a candle, burn an incense, your options are endless be creative, but relax

b) If you only have a shower in your home, try using a dry brush to stimulate your lymphatic system and make sure to begin brushing from your feet upwards towards your heart and in circular motion. This will help improve your circulation and mood. Do this before showering of course. (Your skin is the largest organ so treat it well)

2. Playlist anyone.

a) Make a music playlist of your favorite songs, so that you can sing and smile. Affirm positive vibes into your life to the sound of music. Rejoice.

3. Stay hydrated

a) Maintain optimum hydration so that your skin will remain plumped up naturally, brain fog would be non-existent and to encourage daily detoxification. In addition, water helps with the transportation of blood and nutrients throughout the body, while sending toxins out. It is so beneficial to drink half your body weight in oz every day to stay hydrated and minimize wrinkles. Add some lemon to the water to spruce up the taste and increase your pH to more of an alkalize number.

4. Splurge on Yourself

a) Take yourself shopping and/or visit a salon and get a new look. Do something different this month to show yourself some self-love and appreciation just because you deserve it. Model that new outfit in the dressing room, lightening up the color of your hair or just clip of a few inches. Try something different to make you feel renewed.

5. Own your Power

a) Stop giving others so much power over your life and time. It is nice to have people like you, but not at the expense of you selling your soul to be someone you do not want to be, nor recognize. Choose to love you just as you are every day without giving others a stronghold on your life. Don't allow others to change your opinion of who you know you are. If you are happy with you, then stay that way and brush them off.

6. Know that you are Unique

a) Vow to not compare yourself or complain about yourself for the remainder of this month. That’s right do not say one unpleasant thing about yourself, hands, face, feet, butt or abs; keep the topic flattering. Speak love to your entire body from your liver to your colon. Don’t compare yourself to your relatives nor your friends or foes. Love you just the way you are; for we are all born imperfect beings with ample potential to love ourselves as well as others.

7. Engage in some movement

a) Movement is not only fun, it will grow on you once you incorporate more of it into your life (a little laughter won’t hurt either). Go out dancing or dance within your home or room. For those who have ever seen “Footloose 1984” get your dance on. Rent or download the movie if you have time and watch Kevin Bacon & Chris Penn have learning to dance and dancing.

8. Affirm Positivity into Your Life

a) Every day say one good thing about yourself in the morning and one good thing about yourself before going to sleep. Repetition will make you a believer in your ability to love yourself more. Exercise to do: Look in a mirror, look at your eyes and all other parts of yourself and say “Darn, I look good” even if you don’t believe it, by you just saying it you will surely feel something good arise within you to start believing it to be so.

9. Set boundaries.

a) Though everyone has a lot going on and people may act like you are responsible for their happiness. But no, no you are not, you need to learn how to say “NO” so that you can start learning how to put more effort into loving yourself more, by making time for yourself. The reason why you may have noticed you have not been taking care of yourself the way you should have is because you are always running around helping others with their things and putting yourself and needs at the bottom of the pile which never gets touched. Stop and focus on saying, “No, I am unable to” and be O.K about it with no explanation and do not get guilt tripped into doing something you do not want to do any longer a. The goal is to spend more time loving on you, taking care of you and enjoying you. Life is too short to not be attending to your desires and needs. Let people go who stress you out and who keep you from being who you are or want to be. Invest in loving you, by keeping you happy and healthy.

10. Be still and live in the moment.

a) If need be, try to meditate so that you can learn to de-stress and relax. Learning how to handle your daily stress is another way that you can show yourself some self-love. Wake up 15 to 30 minutes early just to lay or sit there, meditate, stretch or just be. Do the same thing before going to sleep at night. Use this time to go within and focus on you and what you want to do to enhance your time on this earth. If you did not know negative emotions and stress increase cortisol and cause hormones to awry and disease; let’s stop that by becoming aware, getting calm and just being in the moment.

In Summation

Love is in the air all year long but even more so this time of year! So, whether you celebrate Galantine's Day, Valentine's Day, or whatever day you want to compose; just make sure to love yourself, value yourself, and celebrate yourself this month; no matter if you are single or involved, you are truly worth self-love. Remind yourself as often as you need to that you are beautiful, marvelous, loving, wise and just about anything else positive you can think of that you are or want to become. You are worthy of being cared for and loved unconditionally, with no approval from anyone but you. Know your self-worth and no one can take it from you.


“You’re always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.” Diane Von Furstenberg

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Happy National Cherry Month!

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