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Self-Care Tips to Help you Survive Uncertain Times!

It is a fact that we are living in some pretty uncertain times. The days on the calendar, and the time on the clock has in no way slowed down just because a pandemic is going on. It appears that most things are moving a mile a minute or at lightning speed, and before we know it will be 2021. However, no matter how quickly life is changing, it is imperative to provide self-care for oneself now so our engines can keep churning.

I cannot tell you how often I hear my clients or even strangers say I am taking care of this or everyone else but not myself. I forgot to do this and that in the other because I am so busy doing this and that for my boss, child, client, family, friend, partner, etc. Sounds familiar? Does that sound like you? Let me remind you this month to slow down and do you. Do something beautiful and kind to you this month. Salons and beauty places are open, and if you are not ready for that, then rent a hotel room or run a bubble bath right in your home and enjoy a super soak.

8 Self-Care tips to help you survive during uncertain times

1. Monitor your feelings

We all have emotions and feelings, and they are not meant to be bottled up inside. Acknowledge what you are feeling and do your best to release any negative pent-up energy positively. If you are unable to do that, ask for assistance

  1. Write how you feel in a journal

  2. Meditate/pray/reflect and then write down what comes to you

  3. Express how you feel to a family member or trusted friend that is willing to listening

  4. Seek out professional help if need be

2. Sleep

Make sure to get ample rest to rejuvenate the body from the previous day. No one and nothing can run on empty. Sleep is a vital part of taking care of your well-being; especially if one has been spending lots of time indoors at a computer screen.

3. Exercise

A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise three to five times a week is beyond beneficial for one’s overall health. Even if one can only move a little or just their arms do something to make sure you do not turn into a tin person or riddled with diseases in the body.

4. Eat Healthily

Do your best, try to remember to eat. The hours seem to go by so fast, and for those who can work from home uninterrupted by COVID-19, it is hard to not blur time. It appears endless and sometimes one may not want to stop working because more seems to need to be done, but taking a break to eat something is a must; something healthy is even better for the total well-being

5. Stay Hydrated

It is hot here in the state, and lots of heat leads to dehydration because of perspiration. Drink water as often as possible. If you are feeling thirsty, your body is telling you it is already dehydrated. Make hydration a priority. Read the post on dehydration and check your urine color, as shown in the chart.

6. Commit to TABs

Commit to taking a break for yourself every day for at least 15 to 30 minutes. No one is too busy to not acknowledge that it is impossible to run on empty without collapsing. Therefore, it is imperative to carve out some time for yourself every day for no less than 15 minutes. TABs is taking a break from sitting (besides going to the restroom)

7. Spa Day

Whether at home or at a hotel, this is a perfect time to pamper oneself with a hot tub soak, facial, new hairstyle, manicure, and pedicure. It is essential that you feel good about yourself and vibrant. Though we all like for someone to pamper or take care of us every now and then, we must know how to do some of these things for ourselves.; it is about safety first. So, run the water for your bubble bath, give yourself a facial, paint your finger and toenails, and start feeling great about yourself. Head over to our store and pick up a facial mask to provide yourself with a deep cleanse for under $3.00.

8. Live Consciously

The media will give a perspective and view based on truth or whatever they believe to be accurate or what their company tells them to do, but it is up to us to decipher truth from fillers by using discernment. Everyone wants to tell a story or what they believe is their truth, but please look for facts with this virus. Social distancing is a fact, and it works. If you are not around a lot of people and avoid big crowds, it is almost impossible to get COVID-19. Wear a mask is a selfless thing to do, let us not be selfish or political or defiant. It will be you or a loved one or someone real and dear to you that will ultimately pay the price. COVID-19 is not a respecter of persons; it strikes anyone, anytime, and no one is invincible no matter how much they think they are.


No matter how fast the world seems to be moving, self-care must be front and center in our daily lives. If we do not take it upon ourselves to care for oneself, not many others will. No make-up, money, or anything else will matter if our health is not intact. *Remember the airlines always instructs us to put on our own mask first, before helping anyone else. Protect yourself and get yourself together before trying to help everyone else. No matter what anyone says about you, you value you.

Contemplating Thought

What actions will you do this August to take better care of yourself, and how often will you do it? Remember your well-being matters for your continued existence.

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