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Letter Writing Helps Release Pent-up Emotions!

Welcome to September! 2020 has indeed been an arduous year for many, with most of the news focused on COVID-19, death, disrespect, negativity, protest, and violence oh and let's not forget the election. These stories alone are enough to make one’s emotions go wild and suffer from anxiety attacks, depression, and mental health issues. Add working from home with children and not feeling safe about sending them to school and having the family drive one up the wall; it is no wonder so many feel like they are losing their minds and do not know how or where to turn to cope.

Today is World Letter Writing Day. It is a perfect day to take a pen or pencil old school way to paper and let thoughts flow freely, uninterrupted by no one. It is the perfect time to open up a notebook and start expressing how this year has impacted you and what you would like to look forward to in the new year. Yes, looking ahead can help in difficult times; after all, no one wants the situation to remain the same.

Consider writing a letter to a good friend, a family member, or one to yourself personally to let out what you are truly feeling or thinking but are afraid to share verbally. Writing is a perfect way to express how one truly feels without holding on to resentment that can eat them up inside, running havoc on one’s immune system.

On this first day of September, or even for the long Labor Day weekend, take a break from what appears to be the new normal routine (COVID-19 times) and set aside 15 to 30 minutes for quiet time. Live in the moment with the pen/pencil and notebook/pad and write with no grammar checking. Yes, one can sit at their computer and type their feelings and thoughts out too, but there is something very compelling of going at it the old school way. There is a deep connection spiritually with the experience that when just typing on a computer or laptop.

Pondering Thought!

Locate a place, possibly in a park off a trail, to unwind and begin writing. Sit under a tree, on a rock, near water to connect with Mother Earth to help release the emotions you have been holding in. Be conscious, intentional, honest, and passionate about what is going on with and around you. Perhaps get inspired by the clouds, greenery, silence, sun, water, waves surrounding the atmosphere to help relax and let go of pent up frustrations or get a sincere heart felt letter produced.

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