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Relax and Have A Great Time this July 4th!

We have so much to talk about in July; however, the EN&T team decided to start talking about those things next week, following a well-deserved week off for everyone. After not being able to move around last year due to lockdowns and heavy restrictions. The EN&T will be off taking a week to relax our minds and bodies. We hope that you, the reader are or will do the same. No one can go 24/7, 360 without breaking down. Optimal Mental Health is so important to us, and with it being Mental Health Month there is no better time for this R&R to occur.

If you are seeking simple ways to enjoy this holiday weekend near or far, here are a few suggestions that will not break the bank:

Simple Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

  1. Road Trip (Travel to the opposite side of the country)

  2. Hit the Beach/Pool

  3. Host a BBQ/Picnic (Do not forget the blueberries… it is National Blueberry & Picnic Month)

  4. Go to the Movies/Theatre

  5. Read a good book

  6. Relax/Rest/Go Within

  7. Spend quality time with friends and family that make you feel uplifted and wonderful

  8. Do something kind for others and yourself.

  9. Sign-up or fulfill a challenge (challenge yourself to do something different or something you have not done before... live adventurous)

  10. Go plastic free (National Plastic Free Month)

Have A Safe & Wonderful Holiday Weekend!

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