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Reflect Now, So that You Can Bet on Yourself in 2023!

How do you feel about gambling? How has your 2022 been thus far? Take a few minutes to really think about these two questions. To have a fulfilling and success-filled 2023, you must reflect on your 2022 and ask yourself questions like, What went well? What did not? What could you have done differently to obtain the outcome you desired? Have you invested in yourself? Have you ever gambled on yourself? Yes, these are some deep questions you may need time to contemplate. So, take a few more moments to go within, reflect and come up with answers that satisfy the query honestly. If the answers are yes, no, or sometimes, why did you take such actions then, and what would you like to do now or in the future?

The New Year is quickly approaching and will be here in no time. There is no time like the present to start planning how you will design a new version of yourself in 2023. This month go into some deep reflection, plan a path, and take action to move forward. It is time to position yourself well within reach of your vision to achieve the goals you have been seeking to obtain for a while now. Time moves rather quickly; every hour, day, month, and year rotates continuously and stops for no one. When will you consciously take notice of this? When will you begin to live like you are dying, acting in the direction you seek to go, and start betting on yourself? The world is full of naysayers, procrastinators, and advisors, all wanting to tell you what to do via their unsolicited advice, not knowing nor understanding your situation, dreams, skills, or goals. In many instances, these individuals are incapable of taking charge of their own lives; yet they want to impart their thoughts to you. You, however, have choices. You always have a choice. You can either listen and allow others' negativity to bring you down, keep you stuck, take you in a direction that may not be beneficial to you, or take the time to start gambling on yourself. Isn't it time to begin investing in your dreams, opening doors that you may have been afraid to knock on in the past that has the potential to get you to where you want to be soon or in the future?

This December, take your life seriously. Take notice of all you have accomplished this year and the things you may need to improve. Decide to go all in to achieve your 2023 goals. Whether going back to school, starting a side hustle, earning a promotion, losing those pounds, reversing some situation or health concern, etc., plan a course of action. Start reflecting, then start dreaming so that you can do what is needed to become the version of the person you want to be, living in a situation that will help you endure your dreams and goals. Time is ticking every day. Therefore, there is no time like the present to start living the life you have always dreamed of having. You are not too young or old to start; stop listening to fear and build up your confidence. Choose to live your next days in action mode to get you closer to where you want to be so that you are no longer living with regrets. Start believing and betting on yourself right now, today. It is Time to Bet on You!

Coaching Guidance

Contact us if you are ready to Bet on Yourself in 2023. We may be able to work with you to achieve your goals if they fall in the health and well-being (fitness, nutrition & behavior change), Lifestyle (personal & professional development), or small biz sector. Sign up for a clarity/discovery call here. Start 2023, off with the best foot; being in balance.

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