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Recognizing Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Do you ever feel like we need some more compassion in this country? Well, every year Kindness Week is observed; this year, from Sunday, February 14th, 2021 (Valentine’s Day) to Saturday, February 20th, the US will celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week. Also, Wednesday, February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day. This is a fairly new celebration that just started in 2018, but it is no doubt here to stay.

Yes, it can be a little odd to keep count of all the good deeds you do for others or yourself, but this week you may get kudos or accolades for sharing your acts of kindness with the world.

Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day or Week

  1. Write an appreciation note to someone who has done something to make you feel good or who has made your life a little easier.

  2. Send a note of encouragement to someone who may be going through a hard time.

  3. Offer compliments to 10+ people. Do so either in person or online, heck, even text without expecting anything in return.

  4. Volunteer your time, money, or ear to listen to someone.

  5. Donate money to a cause you believe in, one that matters to you.

  6. Be present in all your conversations regardless of the method used.

  7. Inspire someone in the way only you can.

  8. Buy or donate A gift card.

  9. Give to a food pantry.

  10. Help a senior and or handicap person out in some way if they will allow you to.

  11. Pay for coffee or a meal for the person or car behind you.

  12. Pay it forward for the person behind you on line at the grocery.

  13. Speak with a smile. Energy travels and can turn someone’s frown upside down.

  14. Educate someone on something they may not know

  15. Encourage someone and make sure they know they are not alone.

  16. Reminisce on the good ole days with a friend, family member, or co-worker.

  17. Buy local – Support your local community as much as possible to help it thrive.

  18. Eat fewer animal products.

  19. Unplug appliances to save energy

  20. Opt. for reusable bags. (stop by our store to order a reusable, eco-friendly bag that is strong and sturdy.)

Bonus: No matter who or what you cater to today, this week, or month, don’t ever stop being kind to yourself. You Matter!

Can you think of some other acts of kindness you can provide? Take out your journal and write down ways you can be kinder to the world around you and yourself daily.

Remember: Since we never know what someone is really going through, let's Be Kind to all we encounter as your actions can go a long way to make someone feel better.

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