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Plastic Free July - Choose to Refuse!

Plastic Free July is here, won’t you take part in being a solution by ridding our world of excessive plastic that is lying around in our communities, oceans, lakes, and roads, constantly polluting our air? Last week, we decided to give everyone a head start by providing you with the blog post on 6 ways to live a zero-waste lifestyle. This month, we will dive deeper, explaining how the initiative started and why it is important to continue. ‘Plastic Free July’ initiatives are being held throughout the globe. Locate one and take part in the activities or commit to refuse single use-plastic. Stop by the Earthy Naturals store to pick up your reusable utensils, bags, and straws.

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is an initiative that began in Perth, Australia, in July 2011. A Rebecca Prince- Ruiz and the Western Australian government to solve the plastic pollution problem. Today, millions of people across the globe have committed to reducing plastic pollution not only for July but beyond. Are you able to commit to doing this too? It is no easy undertaking; however, lots of headway has occurred in the right direction to make it easier now than ever before. As more people become more knowledgeable of the importance of making conscious shifts like eliminating plastic one day at a time, change continues to occur every day.

Slowing Down

One good thing Covid-19 has done is allowed people to slow down enough to become more conscious in some form or another about unhealthy habits they may have needed to change. Sitting at home, people started to say, “wait a minute, I don’t use this anymore or remember this, I can’t even fit this,” or “I don’t need this,” or “why do I still have this; I have not used this in years” what shall I do with all of this? Questions that may not have occurred prior to Covid-19 because one was always busy running. Now that life has slowed down a bit. People can see things from a different perspective; they are consciously living. They realize they no longer need the things they have been holding on to or hoarding. They may not be able to fit an outfit anymore or have not worn in years and don’t want the item; it may be time to donate, recycle, or even upcycle. What can you change those jeans that no longer fit into? How about that tablecloth that is old and ripped? Can you use it now as a rag to clean the home vs. paper towels? Questions, questions, and more questions; are good at helping to brainstorm ideas that bring out the creative juices that birth artists, philanthropists, and businesses; don’t hold your gems of genius in; let them flow outward for the world to be a witness. Your trash may be someone else’s treasures or the next million-dollar idea. July is that month to come up with resourceful ways to reduce waste and take notice of all the things in the home you no longer use and dispose of them in an ethically fashion. Though it is a plastic-free month, take this opportunity to live your best zero-waste life; this can help improve your living space and overall health.

Food for Thought

Chemicals ingrained in household goods that contain plastic, like detergents, hair, and skincare can cause health problems. Health issues can be minor or immense. They can range from concerns like headaches, infertility, and chronic health problems that lead to inflammation within the body. Be mindful of the items you purchase for your home and body or any environment you are in inclusive of the vehicle. When I started this sustainable journey over 15+ years ago, I did so because of how I felt after cleansing my temple I could no longer go into a detergent section of a store without feeling irritable and having coughing attacks, and no, I did not have asthma. The chemicals in certain products attack the passageways causing burdens on our lungs. The sad part is so many people are accustomed to this that they do not even notice what is happening to them until it is too late, and they are diagnosed. I write this to bring awareness that zero-waste is meaningful and impactful, especially in one’s personal space like their home, a sacred space for relaxation and tranquility.


Now as you look around your home today, what do you see that you are not using that can be turned into a gem or pearl? Are there some things you need to donate or recycle? What plastics are in the home that you no longer use or need? Is it a bowl, cup, plate, or garbage bag? People worldwide are working so hard to make a difference to clean up this planet for us now and for future generations. What part will you play in living a plastic-free, zero-waste July, Summer or beyond? Could you commit to eliminating plastics from your space a little at a time? One simple thing, like committing to use as reusable water bottle and straw is all it takes. Visit the Earthy Naturals store to pick up utensils, straws, or bags.

FYI- Most plastics and the chemicals they are composed of are endocrine disrupters, which means they mess with hormones and can wreak havoc on one’s life in many ways, such as mood swings and hormonal imbalance. Be mindful of how such products can not only affect you, but your children too.

Final Thought

Commit to a plastic-free July or a zero-waste summer and beyond. Start with baby steps, don’t jump in all at once if things seem too overwhelming.

Happy 4th of July! Don’t forget your refillable water bottle!


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