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Placing Yourself First

Do you put yourself first? Isn't it interesting how when you fly, the flight attendant says "place your oxygen mask on first,” before helping others? What they are saying is, if you lose consciousness or die, who are you able to care for? If you have a problem with putting yourself first, try to adjust your mindset to this realization. That's right, we are telling you to place your health above the kids, the spouse, the entire family, and career or business too. The longer you go without taking care of yourself, the more severe the consequences can be. Try these 10 ways to help you begin to put yourself first. This will not only be benefiting to you but your family members too.

1. Eat well. You can be a healthy role model for your children, remember they are a sponge and are aware of the things you do and may just do something because they saw you do it. If you aren’t eating well, neither will they and it is not right of you to expect them to either. They are following the lead, so lead by example.

2. Exercise. Your children should see that you value your health and enjoy exercise, by viewing you, your kids may become encouraged to want to join you. Maybe your partner will also be inspired by your increased energy. The whole family will benefit from you being less stressed and tired and more relaxed.

3. Reclaim some personal time each day. Ask for a small block of time from your spouse or a friend, or get a babysitter so you can recharge. Don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself!

4. Drink water. Dehydration will lead to a feeling of exhaustion. To keep your body healthy and your energy up, make sure you drink at least 64oz of water each day.

5. Date night. Make your romantic relationship a priority and get out for some adult time. Connecting and communicating with your significant other is good for your overall health. Therefore you must make time for this as much as possible.

6. Take a bath. Did you know that water is soothing to the body as well as the brain? Enjoy yourself a soothing bath with or without bubbles, light a candle and relax This simple ritual a few times a month can be quite replenishing.

7. Connect with a friend. Research shows that women gain health benefits from friendships, so carve out some time to connect with your friends. If you don’t have time for a mom’s night out, consider an online coffee date. Oxytocin, our feel-good hormone, spikes after childbirth and also during friendship.

8. Laugh. Children are silly, they laugh approximately 300 times per day, whereas adults laugh about five. Our entire sense of life lightens when we laugh. Listen to a podcast, watch a funny movie, get a joke of the day or just giggle with your kids. It is O.K to act and be a big kid at times. There is a time and place for everything

9. Touch therapy. Feel-good hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin are released from touch therapy such as massage. Purchase one of our rollers and roll some of the stress away on your own or with a partner; this will surely lead to total bliss.

10. Give Gratitude. People who feel grateful have more energy and happiness. Create a gratitude journal and write in it each day. As a mom, the days may be long, but the years go by far too fast to not enjoy them or to disengage. Being thankful may help you appreciate each day a little more.


Too often people burn out because they are so focused on others instead of themselves. This month look to do something about this behavior, by placing yourself first. It is not much you can do for others when you don't have the ability or strength to help yourself. So, reach for the oxygen mask and take care of you first and foremost; you deserve it.

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