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Begin to Own your Destiny in 2021!

Happy New Year! Today is the beginning of your fresh start. Do you feel the positive energy in the air yet? Are you hopeful and expecting supernatural miracles that can change your life for the better?

We hope you are happy and ever so grateful that you have made it to the New Year after such a tumultuous one that so many could not wait to leave behind. If you feel thankful, shout out “Thank You” “Thank You, I (say your name) have made it to 2021, it feels so good to be ALIVE". Let out rejoicing sounds because not everyone has made it to where you are on this day, and for that alone, you ought to be rather appreciative.

This year, our team will continue speaking on consciousness because many have realized how vast the topic is. For those who are not aware of how thoughts, words, and actions impact their lives, it is time to get awakened about living the life you want to live without being dependent on the government to take care of what you are gifted to do on your own. It is time to stop living in fear and start being courageous. It is time to welcome the new you, with a new mindset that tells you that you are possible. “I’m Possible", making nothing impossible when you declare and put your mind to it; so focus, get on a schedule to do you, take better care of you and your dreams, and know you are worth it.

This year @ Earthy Naturals, we will also carry on with health and wellness topics for wellbeing since it is vital to living out dreams. Living eco-friendly/sustainable/green is also high on our radar of issues to discuss because that is what we are about. For those interested in starting a business or changing occupations, we will discuss that too. Readers, Subscribers, or passer-byes, get hold of your journal, keep it handy by your nightstand, couch, or kitchen table so you can live a vibrant 2021 with the expectancy to achieve what it is you seek and more with purpose. Utilize your journal to jot down, track what you want and what you have done every day or week to get you closer to accomplishing your goals.

Most importantly, invest in a little journal to take with you everywhere you go to write down ideas that come to you that will help propel you to where you want to be. Also, please write down the time of day it is when these ideas come to you too. Little whispers can come from anywhere, like billboards, people, songs, words, books, strangers, train rides, be open to the unknown, or the new. You can always use an app. or your phone notes feature to input what is on your mind; no matter what, be sure to capture your thoughts before you forget them; this is so, so imperative.

*Remember: If you can dream it and believe it, you can achieve it!

If you are interested in coaching, need a little inspiration, or someone to hold you accountable, use the Contact Us Page to get ahold of a Coach for a 20-minute complimentary session.

Happy New Year’s 2 U!

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