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This National Salad Month, Get Your Body Regular!

Welcome to May! Did you know in the United States, the month of May is known as National Salad Month? This means that May is the perfect month to add versatility to your diet, while improving your overall health via salads; especially if you were consuming unhealthy foods thus far this year. During this month, take the time to experiment with different types of salads that can potentially help you to improve your health, at the minimum make you feel lighter and lose a few pounds. Consider including more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet every day so that you can be more healthier. Salads do not have to be boring to be nutritious, and with each day that past this month, you can mix things up with different types of salads if you choose to. Below we have listed some salad ideas to get you started with implementing more salads into your lifestyle; if you need more help, visit our online store to pick up a recipe guide or book. If you want accountability and need more personal assistance, contact us.

Why National Salad Month

National Salad Month came about in 1992, by the National Associations of Dressing and Sauces to bring awareness, encourage and inspire people to consume more salads into their lifestyle. A salad is not all about just eating lettuce, though that can be a big part of it. There are so many other salads that can be had that are more delicious and can be even more nutritious and add the right natural herbal dressing and your taste buds will be so heavenly delighted. Some salads are high in water content making them ideal for keeping the body free of constipation due frequent bowel movement as the body is designed to have.

How to Engage in National Salad Month

During National Salad Month, many people participate in events and activities that promote healthy eating and encourage the consumption of various types of salads. An endless array of events or initiatives occur in places to bring awareness of the month like cooking or nutrition classes. Some educators and promoters offer recipe contests; many people prefer to shop at farmers' markets instead of the big box or grocery stores, while others decide to have salad-themed parties to celebrate the month. Those who want to go all in may challenge themselves or commit to consuming a salad or two a day for 31 days. Having a salad for lunch and a side salad for dinner are two easy ways to hit the target of a salad or two a day without missing a beat.

In addition to being delicious and refreshing, salads are also a great way to obtain viable vitamins, minerals, and fiber into your diet without taking a pill. They can be made simple or designed with a variety of ingredients, from leafy greens and vegetables to fruits, nuts, beans, herbs, and grains. Salads can be quite flavorful; they are easy to make and not too heavy on the system; allowing food to digest easily. Salads are also helpful in moving waste through and eventually out of the body without having to take a laxative; they are wonderful in keeping people regular, avoiding constipation is the key here.

Types of Salads:

There is an endless array of types of salads one can make to satisfy their taste buds while keeping themselves healthy in the process. Here are a few salads you can try this month and beyond to help you on your journey. There are salads here for every type of eater. Whether you are vegan or not we have you covered with ideas and solutions. Visit our online store to download a salad recipe book/guide that is either plant-based or flexitarian or check out our new Cinco de Mayo recipe book so that you can begin to incorporate more salads into your lifestyle moving forward.

Endless Salad Types:

1. Anti-Pasta Salads

2. Avocado Salads

3. Bean Salads

4. Beet Salads

5. Cesar Salads

6. Ceviche

7. Chicken Salad

8. Cold Slaw

9. Egg Salad

10. Fruit Salads

11. Garden Salad

12. Greek Salads

13. House Salads

14. Macaroni Salad

15. Pasta Salads

16. Potato Salads

17. Quinoa Salad

18. Seafood Salad

19. Tabbouleh Salad

20. Taco Salad


This National Salad Month, won't you commit to eating a salad or two a day for 31 days? A salad a day will be beneficial for both your health and the planet. Take note of how you feel today and then again after the next 31 days of consuming salads. There shall be a big difference; especially if you are not an eater of nutrient dense, high fiber foods. Check out our online store here for a recipe book or guide to help you on your new journey. You will be happy you be happy that you embarked on this salad challenge when it is all over, who knows you may make this a habit to last a lifetime when the 31 days is over. If you need help with this lifestyle change. We have holistic health and wellness professionals to help you obtain your goals with guidance, tips, and tricks to set you up for success or even keep you accountable. If you need to lose weight, have diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease, etc., we may be able to help if you are ready to do the work. Contact Us here to learn more. Set-up a 15-minute complimentary clarity call. You do not have to go at change to improve your health and wellbeing or life goals alone.

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