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National Nutrition Month+ Safety

We hope that hope you have been enjoying this Women’s History Month and learned a few new things that you did not yet know about women who came before you or who are making a difference in this world today. There are a few other big themes occurring this month and with the Corona-virus (Covid-19) in full effect, it is time we talk about National Nutrition Month. Covid-19, which was not a planned theme, gets its name because it is a virus that started in 2019 and has since become a pandemic that has been impacting the world; but especially those with weak immune systems. This virus has caused the world to put so many major positive themes on the back burner while all focus is on it. We decided to continue on with out plan theme of National Nutrition Month to inspire everyone to look into improving their nutrition and total being so that they better protect themselves..

National Nutrition Month occurs every March and has come about to bring awareness to obtaining the proper nutrition for the body’s system and to encourage exercise daily or at least 5x a week. So many people’s immune systems are compromised and weak; due in part to what they are putting into their bodies. With so much process food readily available, folks are grabbing for cheap unhealthy processed foods before they consider digesting fruits or vegetables filled with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to living life optimally daily. This month won’t you consider committing to rethinking what it is that you put in your body and your loves ones too if you are responsible for others besides yourself. These are your only given temples and they can protect you if you take care of them throughout the year. A body that is strong inside can fight off most diseases naturally and is able to bounce back to their normal selves if they fall victim to colds or illness faster than those whose systems are vulnerable. This month become more conscious about what you put in your body.

Last week our team visited California, with hopes to bring back an abundance of info and samples in regards to holistic, natural health solutions inclusive of nutritional supplements, but everything was cancelled due to the invasion of the Corona Virus which seem to be growing rapidly in America. This week upon our return, airports and hotels in California looked like a ghost town, no need to get to the airport early for you can maneuver through the system ever so quickly; even at LAX. This led us to write on the importance of taking a multi-vitamin and getting the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to live a healthy and productive life. In addition, we ask that you become more mindful of what you put in your body so that you can keep it strong or grow it strong if it is not there yet. Your total being depends on you taking care of yourself on an holistic level; and now with this virus lingering around extra precautions are needed to keep you safe and robust.

Tips for Living Healthy in these Uncertain Times

· Commit to being more proactive by making more healthy decisions.

· Wash your hands for 20 to 30 seconds. (After every activity. OCD is O.K here)

· Cover your mouth with a tissue or your elbow when you cough or sneeze. (Germs Travel)

· Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose & mouth especially)

· Never sit on outside toilet seats. (I hope you never did that)

· Never use hand dryers. (Air dry your hands or use a paper towel)

· Keep a hand sanitizer nearby (70%+ alcohol)

· Keep your distance from others (6 ft. or more)

· Bow, Fist or elbow bump to greet others or just say "Hello, nice to meet or see you ---" with a smile.

· Take a Multi-Vitamin (Increase your intake of Vitamins C & D)

· Move More (Exercise, Yoga, Dance, etc)

· Eat Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables to obtain more vitamins & minerals in your diet.

· Stay hydrated (Water is best. Herbal tea, turmeric and ginger tea with lemon are great too)

· Learn how to cook so you can make more meals at home. Limit your ingredients to 10.

· Meditate/ Pray & Take Deep Breaths

· Find peace at home

· Avoid large crowds, go out when the least amount of people are outside.

· Be cautious, kind and smart; not fearful. (Listen to your gut!)

Food for Thought:

Remember eating healthy does not have to break the bank, one just needs to be more conscious of what they are putting in their body. In this day in age we all have options decide wisely won’t you. Make sure to be safe in your surrounding too.

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