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National Get Outdoors Day, Let's Celebrate!

As of June 5th, 2019, June has been officially named the Great Outdoors Month. If you are feeling like you need to get away after being cooped up indoors for a year, why don’t you head on out to the great outdoors to release some of your tension?

Are you seeking an outdoor adventure or wanting to spend more time in nature? Saturday, June 12th, is National Get Outdoors Day. We have all been cooped up inside for far too long here in the United States. It is time to get outside of the house and hit the trails, ride a bike, skate, swim, fish, do whatever it is you like to do. If you are feeling adventuresome, try a new outdoor activity like perhaps camping or glamping if you have never done so before.

National Get Outdoors Day Ideas

1. Exercise

a. Whether you like to run, jog, or walk, this is the perfect day to get outdoors and do so. If you are feeling social, you can chat up what today is to those who may not even know about it and maybe even meet a new associate who would like to join you next time in your exercise journey. Don’t forget to get your yoga, meditation, or some stretches in too.

2. Camping

a. Ever been camping before? If not, you are missing out on one of the most relaxing yet fun things to do. Parks are open all over the country and are ready to serve you via guidance. If you are an experienced camper there are so many areas, you can visit to enjoy the great outdoors and all that nature has to offer.

3. Support your local farmer’s market

a. This is a great day to give supermarkets and big box stores a break and shop local at a farmer’s market for all the items you need to keep your physique in tip top shape. Make sure to take a reusable bag with you. If you need one feel free to stop by our store and purchase one that is sturdy and will last a long time. They carry up to 40 lbs. of good with ease.

4. BBQ's/Picnic

a. Have an outdoor get together or attend one. Appreciating a great cooked meal by yourself or someone you know outdoors holds a dear experience that one can does not forget. It offers a memorable experience.

5. Hit the Beach

a. What a great way to celebrate the day. Going to beach and letting the sand run through your toes and if you decide to get in the water to cool off from the hot sun can be just what you need to loosen up and relieve some tension.

6. Star Gaze

a. Simply get your blanket and maybe some friends/family and a pillow and look up at the stars and just be in the moment.

7. Glamping

a. If you feel that camping is not for you, then perhaps glamping may be the thing you seek It is glamourous camping with all the luxury you can imagine and sometimes even more. You do not have to worry about getting dirty because you will be staying at a resort-style place. Glamping often takes place out in nature. Sometimes the restrooms are outsides, and others times they are attached to the rooms. Beds are often included, therefore there is no need for airbeds and tents. This experience will have you feeling like a million dollars and surely a must-try.


If you are not able to take advantage of the great things that are taking place today. Don’t worry all month is National Get Outdoors Month so there are plenty events galore to pop up, just do an online search to locate the ones that appeal to you. If you feeling real adventurous go at it for the entire Summer. Enjoy!

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