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Merry Christmas & Happy Kwanzaa!

I wish you the very best this Season, especially as you attempt to celebrate Christmas and/or Kwanzaa with the new normal we have all been forced to partake in.

Reflect on what this year has brought you and what you have learned from it, so that you are able to apply the lessons for the better now or un due season. Consider going within to figure out what you truly want out of this life and what is no longer satisfactory. In addition, know your why. Why do you want what you want? I encourage you to make a plan based on your goals now so that you can start 2021 on the best foot possible. One thing you can do is have goals and take steps to see them to fruition. Action and positive thoughts are imperative in achieving goals, but be open on how it all works out in the end. It is time for all of us to believe in the impossible so that we all can start seeing supernatural miracles and shifts for the greater good appear in our lives. If one does not believe in themselves and their goals, they will certainly not achieve them.

Become conscious and look at how powerful you are to get to where you are today by the words and things you thought. If you don't like where you are, change those things, start thinking big, and your life will begin seeing some significant changes for the better.

Take heed to this brief blog post and enjoy what you have right now, but expect more, not only for you, but also for others. You are worthy of being in a better situation than you are currently in if you so desire. Dream big and wish upon that star, yes, even as an adult. As long as you are breathing, there is always hope and room for miracles to transpire in your life.

This Christmas/Kwanzaa, wish upon a star without an ounce of doubt that whatever you ask for deserves to be yours. (Matthews 7:7) Be patient now, hold on, don't worry, believe you are possible, and can easily and perhaps quickly manifest what your heart so desires. The lilies of the field sow not and yet they reap plenty, as does the fowls of the air, and you, my beloved, are so much more precious than they. Seek the kingdom and have faith. (Matthews 6:25-34)

Thought to Ponder on:

Focus on the what and why and be open to the how. :)

Merry Christmas & Happy Kwanzaa!

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