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Men’s Health Matters, Men Need Self-Care Too!

Ladies, check on the men in your life a little more than usual. Men go through so much, but unlike women, they fail to express how they really feel about things and drown themselves in drinking, drugs, sports, or even work. Some men are truly maskers of what is really going on in their lives and that could be quite harmful to their overall health. According to Mental Health America, men commit suicide four times more often than women. You see women may attempt to commit suicide, but men actually go through with it, many times without any warnings. This means men achieve the goal of taking their own life. June is Men’s Health Month and just like women, men need to know that they matter too. This month, Men’s Health is at the forefront and center of many organizations promoting education, prevention, early detection and more. Men must realize that they too matter, therefore they need to designate some time to take care of themselves. Yes, men must indulge in some self-care away from work or stressful activities too; this is not just a woman’s thing. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. Men's Health Matter.

6 Reasons Men's Health Month is So Significant:

1. Raises awareness: Men's health concerns often receive less attention compared to those of women. Men are less likely to seek medical help, are at higher risk for certain diseases, and have shorter life expectancies. Men's Health Month helps bring these issues to the forefront, fostering awareness among men and the public.

2. Preventive healthcare: Many diseases and conditions that affect men can be prevented or effectively managed through early detection and intervention. Men's Health Month emphasizes the importance of regular check-ups, screenings, and adopting healthy lifestyle habits such as exercise, proper nutrition, and stress management.

3. Encourages discussions: Men's Health Month provides a platform to encourage open and honest discussions about men's health concerns. By removing stigma and facilitating conversations, it becomes easier for men to seek support, share experiences, and access resources for better health outcomes.

4. Mental health awareness: Men's mental health is an important aspect of overall well-being. However, societal expectations and stereotypes can often discourage men from seeking help for mental health issues. Men's Health Month helps destigmatize mental health challenges, promotes mental well-being, and encourages men to seek support whenever they need it.

5. Disease prevention and management: Men are more likely to be affected by certain health conditions, including heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Men's Health Month aims to educate men about the risks associated with these diseases, promote early detection through screenings, and encourage lifestyle modifications that can reduce the likelihood of developing these conditions.

6. Advocacy and policy: Men's Health Month serves as an opportunity to advocate for policies and initiatives that support men's health. By highlighting the unique health needs of men, this observance can contribute to the development of targeted healthcare programs, research funding, and policy changes that prioritize men's well-being just as much as they do women.


In conclusion, ladies, men are less likely to ask for help from their medical providers, families, or friends, therefore, you may need to offer a little nudge, pamphlet, or educational tool to the men in your life every now and then about ways to stay on top, prevent, or manage their health. There has always been a stigma that existed that men are not seen as strong when they ask for help. Well all that nonsense shall come to an end this month, better yet today. Men must understand that women see them as the human beings they are. Women understand that they feel pain, cry, get sick no matter how silly they may act or try to hide things. Ladies, allow the men in your life to feel comfortable opening up to you about their challenges and fears; but especially those that concern their health. This Men's Health Month, make a conscious decision to help raise awareness, offer encouragement, and provide as much knowledge as you are able on preventive healthcare, health management, knowing their numbers and the likes. Find organizations or events that promote healthy discussions about men's health concerns, like mental health awareness, disease prevention and management and get the men in your lives involved by providing them the nudge that you know that they need to take the actions they must, to stay on top of their total health. By prioritizing men's health, we can work towards better overall health outcomes for men and improve their quality of life. Let’s not forget to push them to indulge in a little self-care as well.

Get Support

If you need help getting on the right track men for yourself or women if you have a man in your life who you believe needs some outside help, feel free to reach out to us. We offer a safe space for you/them to discuss what is on the mind with no judgement and may be able to help in finding the next steps or pointing you in the right direction. Looking for healthy meals to make for Father’s Day. Visit our download page area.

If someone is having suicidal thoughts reach out to #988

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