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Living with Genuine Gratitude this May!

When you hear the word “Gratitude” What do you think of? What really comes to your mind? Are you grateful for all the people and things you have in your life, the shelter you have, the clean running water and food in your belly? Webster’s Dictionary defines gratitude as “The state of being grateful, thankful; expressed gratitude, appreciation.” When was the last time you expressed gratitude to the people in your life or said thank you to them, God, the universe, for the places you have been and the possessions you hold dear and near to you, or for your life itself?

Though your life may not be going the way you envisioned it at this moment, do you feel grateful for the fact that you have a new day to make things different if you decide to? Are you thankful for the new opportunity to see another day, month and year?

Being grateful is a choice, you have an option to be grateful for the many things and people in your life and you have an option to not be. This May, there are so many opportunities to show gratitude to that teacher who has motivated you, that boss who encouraged you when you were going through an obstacle, that co-worker who had your back even when you may not have been deserving, that mom who believed in you even when you did not believe in yourself or whomever else is in your life that has took part in helping you to grow from one level to the next and continue to do so. And though you may not be where you want to be yet; there is still time to get there as long as you are alive. The fact that you can read the words on this screen proves that to be so.

This month of May, how about you go out of your way; even if you do not feel like it, to show someone else how grateful you are to have them in your life. A little gratitude can and will go a long way and can even change broken relationships for the better. If you find it hard to give gratitude, look around you and then check out what is going on in third world countries; you will realize how rich you really are. Not necessarily in monetary state with dollars and bills, but in friendships, family, health, employment, a roof, running water or whatever else it is you have that is going for you. You may even realize that some of the things that you have going for you, you are taking for granted. No, no stop, that today and think about how you were given the gift to wake up this morning with a sound mind (well maybe not everyone else, but to you it is sound…..LOL laugh a little, have a humor) to get that new job or to start that business, the charisma and charm to attract that mate you’ve been seeking to enter your life. You see, with every new day there is an opportunity for you to be grateful for not only what you have, but for all the new things that will be bestowed on to you. Live your life with expectancy for supernatural miracles to enter in to your life and offer up favor and grace to bless you on so many levels beyond anything you could image or perceive possible.

The same is true when you lack gratitude and grumble and complain and have a pity party; you become stuck and are unable to see what it is that you have going for you in your life that you block and even miss your blessings. You may even alienate those who may have tried or wanted to help you on your journey, but the negative energy became too much, and they gave up on you because of the negative vampires that have been grabbing at them made them say enough is enough.

With so many people moving on to something new and leaving behind things that are old or even celebrating Mother’s Day with their mother or reminiscing of one’s mother or mother figures that were in their life that are no longer so; this is definitely the month to show some gratitude for those who are in your life. Showing gratitude is important because you never know who you may be able to benefit with your kind words or even a smile or a simple “Thank You”.

This May open your heart and mind to all the people you have in your life to be grateful for. If you have hot and cold running water and a roof over your head, you have a lot right there to be grateful for. If you have a sound mind and working limbs and the ability to communicate you have a lot to be grateful for. If you woke up this morning and are able to read this blog post, you have something to be grateful for. The list should be endless and go on and on. Now that you know and acknowledge what gratitude is, let’s do some reflection. Who and what do you owe gratitude to? From this day forward, vow to operate with a passion for gratitude, you will bring supernatural miracles into your life.

Gratitude Assignment

This month take out a sheet of paper and list at least 20 people and/or things you have to be grateful for and why. This should take you no more than 20 minutes to do.

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Happy Mother's Day & Congrats Grads!!

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