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Living with Compassion, Gratitude & Thanksgiving!

Living with compassion, gratitude and thanksgiving is not an arduous task, yet for so many it seems so unbearable to conquer because they have so much abhor surrounding them. What’s in your heart? What stops you from being the loving human being you were placed on this earth with such fervent innocence to be? Today, is a new day, a day to declare that you can change or be whoever you want to be, perhaps you can show the world the loving kind person you were born into this world to be, which will not only change your life for the better, but others who encounter you too.

Since the global pandemic shut down our lives almost 3 years ago, life as most of us knew it has changed. Many of us have been shown a new life, one that we were unaccustomed to. During it all, I witnessed first-hand how compassionate people can be while living afraid, isolated, and not really sure of what to do from day to day. Strangers from all over the world were offering up acts of kindness via technology, whether it be their landline, laptop, computer, tv, you name it. People who hated to pick up the phone, stopped texting and got comfortable hearing from people they have not spoken to or heard from in years. Though life was not easy and at times were very uncomfortable; heck standing in NYC being able to hear a pin drop was frightening, the city that never sleeps, slept. Not for just one night, but for a little over a month. Silence was heard throughout the world; the globe stood still for some time. We were sustainable, eco-friendly, animals that normally would hide in the woods even felt the need to come out of their normal habitat and spread their limbs/wings outside their comfort zone. They stretched themselves by doing things and venturing out in places they were not familiar with. Yet, as we try to get back to normal, whatever that may be to whomever receives it, one must ask? Can we be compassionate or kind outside of the turmoil or travesties that exist around us? Can we be thankful and filled with gratitude for all that we have big or small? Do we know that in order to be happy, we must be grateful for what it is that we have first?

This Thanksgiving, find it in your heart to express compassion, gratitude, and thanksgiving to all that you encounter. No one knows when the next catastrophic event will come, but wouldn’t it be nice if you knew that you cleared the air and lived your best life with those you know and those that came within your presence even if it was for a half a second? This holiday weekend, find it in your heart to say, “Thank You”, “I AM Sorry”, I AM Grateful”, “I Care” to those who are deserving of hearing this from you. If you can open your mouth let others hear it, if you don’t want to speak, write it, if you can sing, sing a song, play a song, you get the gist. You are in control of how you allow yourself to feel from your actions and others. You have authority and are more than capable of making others feel better. No, you are not responsible for strangers, however, one ever knows what is going on in another’s world, but by you being compassionate and kind you may unintentionally change their world around for good.


Compassionate Words to Change The World

1. Good Morning

2. Hello

3. Thank You

4. I Appreciate You

5. I AM Grateful for You

6. You Have Change my Life

7. You are amazing

8. Peace

9. I Love U/You

10. You are Blessing (Heaven Sent)

Compassionate Ways to Change The World

1. Implement Acts of Kindness Every Day.

2. Encourage/Motivate those you encounter

3. Write Thank Your Notes (e-mail is fine) & Say the words often.

4. Have Patience

5. Be Forgiving

6. Be Intentional

7. Be Caring, Empathetic & Warm

8. Be Mindful

a. Patient with yourself & others

b. Conscious of your actions and how it may impact you as well as others.

9. Keep a Gratitude or Compassion Journal

10. Take Care of Yourself (Do something you enjoy doing today)

11. Share or Donate

12. Be Still

13. Be Eco-friendly or Sustainable for the Earth

a. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

14. Shop & Support your local area/community

15. Be Creative

16. Be The Change You Want to See

17. Be a mentor

18. Donate (Time, Money, etc.)


Living a compassionate, grateful, and thankful life can do wonders for the psyche. This holiday season find ways to show the world the true you. The one who deep down inside has a heart of gold and wants to share it with the world. There is no longer room for all that anger or hate that may be inside to linger, love takes the stones out of our hearts. Love unhardens our hearts and allows blood to flow freely, easily, and openly. Thawing out the heart is the perfect way to show the planet and the people around you that you are kind and caring.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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