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Plastic Free July... Give it a Try!

Plastic-Free July is in full effect in 2021. Yes, many have fell off the wagon in 2020, but in 2021, we are moving great strides to get back on track to greening our planet and saving the sea creatures. This means many people around the globe are making a conscious effort to reuse things that they already have in their possession or around them, purchase things that are eco-friendly/sustainable and are being more cognizant of how plastic pollutes the environments and are doing their part to make the world a better place. Plastic Free July is about reducing single-use habits like plastics in every area of one’s life (home, work, car, etc.) The objective this month and beyond is to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Simple ways to reduce or stop plastic or single use.

1. Shop in bulk.

a) An environment that contains consumer goods such as vegetables, nuts, and fruits that are not bound by heavy packaging or plastic-free is best. You can buy such items by the pound and purchase bundles or a lot during one visit. Shopping in bulk also helps offset multiple trips to the store and allows one to store things in more eco-friendly places like glass jars and canisters.

2) Carry Plastic Free fruits and vegetable bags

a) Instead of grabbing for the plastic bags that are in the store when picking things like kales, collards, cabbage, celery and the likes carry a reusable bag to store these items in. Checkout the moisture lock and mesh bags for produce.

3) Opt-in for eco-friendly bags like the Chicobags we carry on our site when going to any store. They have a carabiner on them so they can go with you everywhere you go. They roll up to fit in your hand and hold up to 40 lbs. They are perfect to carry with you everywhere you go for you never know when you are going to need a bag to carry around things that are given to you or that you purchase unexpectantly.

4) Bamboo and/or Stainless Steel

a) Instead of using a plastic toothbrush, consider a bamboo one

b) Instead of plastic straws, consider bamboo or stainless steel.

c) Instead of plastic utensils, consider bamboo ones like the ones featured on our site.

d) Instead of plastic or paper plates, try a bamboo set for your family or your needs.

5) Use a reusable mug or bottle

a) It is hot outside and ample water is needed more now than ever to stay well hydrated, however instead of grabbing a plastic water bottle, look into a reusable brand and options, like eco-vessel, klean canteen, hydro flask canteens, mugs, or cups to hold drinks instead of continuously using plastic products. Make an effort when you get your morning cup of joe to take your cup with you to train the stores to go green and plastic-free.

6) Be Mindful

a) Instead of asking for plastic bags or taking plastic from fast food establishments or grocery stores, be mindful of your actions and educate others on how and why it is important to become plastic-free. Say “No thanks” when offered plastic or let them know you have your own bags to not only save money but to educate on the importance of keeping the landfills as clean and safe as possible. This is our planet and we all have say so on how it can improve if we want to.

Living plastic-free is not a hard task, it is something that can be done in one day, a week or even an entire month or more to change a pattern. It is a great way to challenge behaviors in regards to how one feels about plastic that is destroying our world, inclusive of our sea creatures and take actions to do something about it.

Visit our online store to shop eco-friendly/sustainable goods that can help you rid your life of the plastic habit. These items make perfect gifts for everyone throughout the year. Check out our earrings made from recycled/upcycled bicycle tires.

Visit our online store here for some sustainable goods this or every month for that matter. These items make perfect gifts for everyone throughout the year. Check out our earrings made from recycled/upcycled bicycle tires.

Take the plastic free challenge:

Go plastic free

Remember, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


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