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Live Plastic-Free This July

I hope that you are enjoying July. I love July for so many reasons; there are endless things to and topics to discuss, and before this pandemic, there were countless places to go. However, keeping with the spirit of Social Wellness month, I want to remind everyone that July is known to be a plastic-free month throughout the globe. Look around, there is so much plastic that is destroying our earth, but when people decide to do something about it, their well-being is enhanced.

Did you know a whopping 91% of plastic is not recycled? Billions of tons of plastic have been manufactured over the past six or so decades. Much of plastic is becoming trash and litter on earth and the ocean floor. At this rate, by 2050, which is not that far away, the amount of plastic in the oceans could outweigh the fish. If we maintain the current rate of single-use waste hitting the sea, there will be approximately 937 million tons of plastic compared to 895 million tons of fish in thirty years.

Join in the movement

Be aware of your actions this July; help kick the single use-habit by using less plastic or eliminating it.

Take the plastic-free pledge.

10 Ways to live plastic free this July and beyond

1. Design an environmentally conscious household so that

you can begin eco-friendly living today

2. Use a recyclable bag (need an eco-friendly/sustainable bag check out ours)

3. Look for items in jars or tins when purchasing your food or skin-care products.

4. Use reusable utensils when out. Do not leave home without it. Have you seen our folk, knife, spoon, and chopsticks set?

5. Explore videos on the effect’s plastics have on society and our world as a whole.

a. A great plastic free video

6. Bring your straw (BYS). Instead of taking plastic straws that are given to you when you are out, utilize another option. Some establishments are now giving out paper straws to adhere to being more green/sustainable. Try glass, stainless steel, or bamboo straws; they are all great alternatives. Head over to the shop and pick up straws for you, a friend or family member. Earthy Naturals has all three (bamboo, glass & stainless steel)

7. Use essential oils or lemons, limes and/or vinegar to clean your home or office; instead of using plastic bottles filled with ingredients one cannot pronounce.

8. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. – The easiest way to live plastic-free is to take an inventory of things in your home and get rid of them if not in use, however, before you do that, ask yourself can you make something of that item. Hence, an Associate of mine makes earrings and bracelets out of bicycle tires. (see here) Our water bottle slings, which are designed to hold an array of water bottles, are made of recycled water bottles. What can you recreate with what you are no longer using to help benefit mother earth?

9. Invest in reusable water bottles to avoid having to ever use plastic ones. Plastic ones do not always have dates on them, which does not allow for knowing how long water may have been sitting on the shelf or at a location. The heat that gets to plastic can release toxins into the water, which then ends up in the body causing it harm.

10. Support eco-friendly/sustainable companies that inspire you to understand how every little action you take has a bearing on the present and future generations to come.

Consider donating to the Plastic Free July organization, to help them continue to educate people throughout the world on how their actions influence our planet.

You may not start living the zero-waste lifestyle overnight, but that is O.K, you are human. Relax. Start with “the big five” single-use plastics that exists today, bags, bottles, cups, straws, and utensils and progress from there. No matter what change you decide to embark on, on this plastic-free journey, know your dollars speak volumes about your choices. Be conscious of the decisions you make in all the things and people that are around and in your life. Everything has an impression on your total being.


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Plastic Free July

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