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International Self Care Day, 12 Ways to Love on Yourself!

Have you been seeking a day to wind down because of life’s stressors, fatigue, or burnout? Look no further; International Self Care Day is here as a friendly reminder that we all need to partake in some self-care to function optimally. International Selfcare Day, is recognized throughout the world on July 24th. If you have not had time to pause in 2022, now may be the ideal time to do so with no excuses because this is expected and encouraged of you during International Self-Care Day week and month.

International Self Care Day

International Self Care Day was established in July 2011 to raise awareness about the importance of self-care. The day offers reminders to us all that we must be active contributors in our own wellbeing. Throughout the world people are urged to make self-care a part of their everyday routines to boost their health and wellness. International Self Care Day (ISD) may be the reminder everyone needs to put themselves first and know that it is quite alright to do so. The overall well-being of everyone is considered when a day like this is acknowledged on an international level. Take part and enjoy yourself.

Why International Self-Care Day (ISD)

· To help alleviate anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic stress.

· To feel calm.

· To maintain or increase confidence (stand up for yourself and what is right).

· To build strength mentally and physically.

· To provide courage fulfill dreams by taking actions.

· To increase energy levels and release positive vibrations.

· To foster healthy environments to thrive in on earth.

12 Ways to Love on yourself this International Self Care Day & Beyond!

1. Do nothing at all

a. Sit in your home, at the beach, the pool, a lake, in your car, or a place that makes you calm and just live in the moment. If this brings you peace, and you are not feeling stressed by this, make it a habit. Learn to be still, being active all the time can be a detriment to the soul.

2. Meditate/Pray

a. Release serotonin into your blood stream (the feel-good neurotransmitter) by meditating and or praying.

b. Release all your troubles out into the universe and rinse off.

c. Affirm what you want and be thankful for what you have; including your health (sound mind and body).

3. Write a declaration to yourself

a. Commit to doing at least one good thing you enjoy doing for yourself every day.

b. Commit to loving yourself and saying “No” when you need to.

4. Stretch

a. Stretch your body so that it does not get stiff and become rigid.

b. Stretch you mind so you don’t stay or get stuck in your thinking.

i. An open mind opens advantageous doors. When you want something different you must broaden your mind to learn and do some things differently.

5. Sleep

a. Commit to getting enough sleep that has you waking up refreshed, relaxed and vibrant.

6. Eat Healthy

a. Make healthy food choices that can you help maintain optimum weight and health marker numbers and advert or reverse diseases. If not allergic, add blueberries which are full of antioxidants and fiber to your diet as well as foods like them.

b. Stay hydrated throughout the day to help the blood flow and the elimination channels working properly.

7. Physical Activity

a. There can be no self-care list without physical activity. Movement is important to living. It helps us to destress by simply going for a walk, jog, or run. These simple activities can reduce anxiety, help forget about troubles, help to lose weight, or tighten anything that may be a tad bit flabby, i.e. (burn fat), help with circulation of the blood throughout the body. If confined to a wheelchair or have limited range of movement for whatever reason do your best with what you have or get help with moving your body in some manner.

b. Participate in Qigong or Tai Chi for gentle movements

8. Declutter

a. Clean your space of excess stuff. It is helpful in improving clarity, creativity, and overall thoughts. Dispersed spaces scatters energies and allows one mental health to be distracted or less focused. In addition, if dusty can bring on all types of allergies, sinus and lung infections.

9. Take a vacation or staycation

a. Refresh, revive, reset yourself by taking a vacation (near or staycation) that can rejuvenate your mind, body, spirit, and soul. The mind and body works overtime to help us survive in this busy world. Therefore, take time to slow down and reward it with self-love away from it all may be gratifying. If you can afford a spa day, indulge in some services like a stone massage and/or facial. If not, that is fine. Give yourself a massage at home. If in a relationship, ask your significant other to help you with a relaxing massage. Visit the shop to purchase a facial mask. You can even get the face, body or hand rollers to help you with blood flow as well as the relaxation process.

10. Read

a. Find a book, fiction or non-fiction that speaks to your heart; right where you are at, right now at this point in your life. Let it speak to your total being, it may awaken apart of you that has been dormant.

11. Creativity

a. Try your hand at art, dancing, comedy, laughter, singing, karaoke, things you have never tried before, just for fun. Trying new outlets may offer new tools to help you destress down the road when you least expect it. That is why it is imperative to have an open mind; trying out new things allows this. Do something that makes you feel good today; you deserve it.

12. Journal

a. Get your feelings, thoughts out on paper or the technology of choice to release things that can be stressing you out. Write about your life, where you are at currently and where you would like to be. Self-care is about doing things you want to do and having what you want to have. What is stopping you from achieving the life you want to live? Look deep inside; the answers are within you. Life is full of choices; every decision has consequences.


In conclusion, as you prepare to engage in International Self Care Day, comprehend how much your physical and mental health matter. Commit to taking better care of yourself every day that you breathe. Self-care is imperative to avoid the burnout that can lead to an early grave. Having and maintaining sanity needs to be a priority in daily living. Indulging in some self-care often is not only a privilege it is a necessity.

Self-Care Exercise:

Make a list of five ways you can take better care of yourself today. Now commit to doing something that brings you happiness at least once a month.

Pondering Question:

What will you do to ensure that you include some sort of self-care into your life every day, if not most days, starting today?

Self-Care Clarity Coaching Call

If you feel it is time to be more resilient, to recenter yourself, to stop making excuses, and saying “I know, I know, I know” to everything and are still procrastinating, then be honest with yourself today, not tomorrow. Set up a 15-minute complimentary clarity coaching call; to discuss how we can work together to improve your overall life. It is not easy, but collectively we can make things happen and have you operating on a higher level. If you want to change, you must do some things differently even if it challenges. Aren’t you tired of staying the same? We specialize in holistic health and wellness (nutrition, behavior change, and fitness) and life coaching (personal and professional development) in a no-judgment zone. We have over 30+ years of experience helping people obtain their goals when they are upfront and honest with themselves.


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