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HOPE During Unprecedented Times!

We’ve all been told repeatedly that we are living in some unprecedented times; we see this everywhere we look, and we feel it everywhere we go too. The question is what is one to do during these uncertain times? How is one supposed to cope with what we are witnessing?


Hope is defined as having feelings of expectation and desire for a certain thing to occur. This means, one can change how they feel and think about situations if they want to by simply believing and expecting in things that are not yet seen. Hope is having faith that though one may not understand why something is happening, they can make it through whatever it is and may be better off when they do than they were before they entered the storm of uncertainty. This is time to be thankful for what one has and have faith as small as mustard seed.

We need to have hope that what we are enduring all around us now will soon be over. You see, we have been told to do some simple things because no man is invincible, and we need to adhere to many of those things to survive this ordeal. Especially when being reminded over and over again, that washing our hands more often now than ever before and keeping our distance from others by 6 ft or more. After doing these two simple things, one is doing their part to help alleviate the spreading of the virus.

The Power of Hope

Hope is what everyone needs to have to get through this Covid-19 situation we all are currently residing in. Add prayer to hope and we as a people can move mountains, add negativity and we can remain stuck and complacent which leads to unnecessary pity parties. Thinking negative thoughts, complaining and living in constant fear is not what any of us needs right now. That energy is actually helpful in breaking down one’s immune systems rather quickly. Transform that energy to one of positivity and knowing that this too shall pass; this requires having hope. While you are at it, start thinking of things you are grateful for and how you want to be more proactive in your time left here on earth. Sometimes storms come through from time to time to shake us up and make us see all the things we take for granted; ie having a job, with a roof over our head with running water and whatever little and big things one has. We do not need to wait until thanksgiving to grateful and hopeful for things, this should be a common occurrence; the problem is that it is not.

5 Reasons to Hope:

1. You are Alive

a. You can breathe

2. You have dreams and have not achieved them yet

a. What are you waiting for to live the life you always wanted to live?

3. You have people who love you and that you love

a. When is the last time you told someone near and dear to you cared?

4. Uncertain times always leads to opportunities

a. What are you seeking to change in your life now or the moment this ordeal is over?

5. Lessens Fears

a. What fear is holding you back from doing what you want to do? Feel fear? Do it anyway, when it is all over you will be glad you did and if not, you will be beating yourself up because you did nothing. It is time to stop living in fear and not moving and take it for what it worth and move with it. Conquer your fear with hope.


Having hope during these uncertain times is what is needed to carry us all through to the other side. Be thankful, have faith and keep believing in supernatural miracles for this is a healthy way to survive unprecedented times. Remember, the right mind-set, which is filled with hope can lead us further than one that is not.


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