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Having Hope & Caring for Oneself During COVID-19!

COVID-19 has had many managing unusual thoughts and feelings of despair and confusion. Whether coaching individually or consulting with my business clients, the constant theme in this time of peril is hopelessness. However, what I can tell you is on the other side of all this turmoil is a bright shining light if we have hope. We need to have hope that things will turn around for the greater good. We need to have hope that people will change their ways after seeing the errors of their ways. We need to have hope that we can get past what has just happened in our nation and world. We need to have hope that this divide will bring more of us together instead of keeping us apart. We need to have hope that though we may not agree on everything, we can disagree to agree that everyone’s opinions on how things make them feel matter.

There are lessons to learn from everything in life. We must open our eyes and minds to see what common themes are trying to bring awareness to our life. If we take a moment to slow down and meditate, we will be able to see how we can improve or grow stronger from the experiences we have had during these times. Right now, much of the world is in a recovery phase from the coronavirus. What this means is we are recovering from all we have just encountered over the last few months due to the havoc COVID-19 brought on our lives. It is easier for some more than others to mend and move forward, but that too is alright. Recuperation is not always effortless task, it sometimes is harder and takes longer for some.

Though it may feel like we have lost our freedom for a bit; with a little faith, hope and an open mind, you will see that we haven’t. Take a moment to reflect on your life pre-COVID-19 and then now. Something had to change. What has changed about you, your situation, your thinking? Are you kinder and more aware, or are you angry and reserved?

Consider writing a letter to yourself and start with Dear Self I love thee. Write down all the things you appreciate and love about yourself and all the ways you want to give your gifts to society. There is healing and doing things for others as well as yourself. Before this month ends, do consider giving a gift to at least ten people. Your contributions can be your talents, words of encouragement via a letter, or spoken word. Remember, we are supposed to be social distancing, so avoid touch as much as possible. Be kind to your Self so that the universe can be generous and compassionate to you.

Dear Self

Dear Self, what are the ways I can be a better human being in my world?

This is a question you should check in with yourself and ask yourself daily. Keep a journal near your bed and ask yourself this every day for seven days. Start holding yourself accountable for your present and future. The past is gone, all you have now is what is in front of you, that is it.

Be conscious, have hope that tomorrow will be better than your yesterday and today.

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