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Happy Earth Day! 6 Ways To Honor Mother Earth!

Happy Earth Week & Day! April 22nd is the day that the world celebrates planet Earth. It is a day to honor the planet by doing some conscious goodness for it. Everyone has the power to do so much to make this world a better place with every action they take. Since we are all inhabitants of this great earth, we can all choose to do some good today for ourselves and the planet. Partaking in some acts of conscious kindness now will help the earth become a better place for generations to come while also allowing people of today to feel good that they have done their best. Let's focus on progress instead of perfection; baby steps is better than no steps when trying to make sustainable improvements for our earth.

6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

1. Get out in nature.

a. Show some gratitude to the planet. Get grounded. Walk barefoot, sit (be still) and listen to the birds speak, watch them run through the water, the trees, the land, etc.

b. Ride a Bike, skate, hike.

c. Read a book to learn about the history of Earth Day and the impacts of climate change while sitting in nature.

2. Plant a seed or tree.

a. Sow a seed so that you can witness its growth. When we sow seeds, we can nurture them and watch them grow strong right before us. The seeds will need us to care for them as if they were our children, but not with too much maintenance, making it even easier to handle.

3. Relax

a. Stay home, do nothing, or learn about the earth and the benefits of caring for it and ourselves better.

b. Meditate on things you can do to make the earth a place better every day. How can your everyday goals align with the planet?

c. Go easy on your system and the eco-system today. Eat some raw, steamed or grilled greens. Have a green drink. Make fruits and vegetables the way to go.

4. Contribute

a. Give your time, knowledge, and money to a cause that needs your help to get the message out about Earth Day, the planet, living green, and eco-friendly lifestyles in an age of change.

b. Educate people on conscious living and the importance of being mindful of every act we take part in because they make a difference on many levels. An example would be eating meat at every meal; this action impacts the earth and our health on many levels. Estrogen-dominant individuals' hormones become uncontrollable, and greenhouse emissions increase.

c. Share your activities with those you know to encourage them to take action to protect their environments and the planet as much as they are able.

5. Power down

a. Bike, walk, or take public transportation to your destination.

b. Shop locally to avoid having to drive to a mall or supermarket. This action supports our neighborhoods and the air.

c. Take A Break from technology today. If a day is too hard, try reducing technology for about 1 to 4 hours. Powering off the grid for just (1) day can do justice to one's total being. You will be so grateful because your energy and intuition may increase.

d. Open your curtains or shades and get natural light instead of turning on the electricity.

e. Unplug most things for an entire day if it is indeed realistic. (Turn off lights when they are not being utilized.)

f. Invest in programmable thermostats that turn off when you are not home.

g. Take a 3-to-5-minute shower. Yes, it is possible to get clean in less than 10 minutes. This action alone will help to save on the water bill. Gallons of water can be utilized for nurturing the earth's dried crops. Heating water up takes even more energy than running straight cold water. Simple Test: Carry two jugs of water for 10 steps. You will notice the expenditure of energy it takes to go from step 1 to 10. Water consists of lots of energy to heat up and go from point A to Z. Food for thought. How much water have you been wasting? Can you do better?

6. Avoid or Reduce Single Use Plastic

a. It would not be earth day if we did not mention that this is the time to ditch plastic for more eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives. Shop our store to pick up a bamboo, glass, or stainless-steel straw or utensil set to start you on your new sustainable living journey.

b. Purchase products made with sustainable materials as much as possible.

c. Shop with reusable bags instead of plastic bags. Visit our store to grab your portable, tough reusable bags.


Remember that every action we take has an impact on the planet. We need to be more conscious of our decisions. We must begin to stop, pause, and think before making decisions because our choices can have a bearing on what happens next for us and the world; we all must live on this earth to exist. We are all powerful human beings that matter and who can make a difference. We all have a choice in what we do daily; those choices will either do good or harm. Don't know where to start? Think of progress over perfection. Take baby steps, sit in nature and listen to what is coming into your mind. Be conscious and open to different thinking.

What ways will you invest in our planet this Earth Day?

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