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Happy Earth Day! Celebrating 51 Years!

It is Earth Day; we hope that you get out in nature and enjoy this wonderful day. While at it, if you have not already done so this month, we really hope that you invest in doing something good for Mother Earth today, this week, or this month to celebrate/honor the goodness of what April signifies for the loving planet.

Let's Do Better

Want to do even better? Become more conscious, decide to do your part to help the world and its inheritors (sea and land) exist comfortably. Go beyond this month to honor the earth, be more mindful of how much water you use, how long you keep the lights on, the amount of energy your home appliances and electronics are using, and reduce when needed. Consider growing food in a garden, eating more plant-based meals, and walking more instead of driving. These activities will help reduce excessive greenhouse gas, which condenses climate change. (Climate Change is the shift in the overall temperature that is devastating the world and putting sea creatures at risk, and causing massive floods, in addition to global warming).

Live green, eco-friendly, sustainable, you can do this by remembering to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Visit our store to pick up some bamboo, glass or metal straws, water bottle slings made out of recycled water bottles or reusable bags or even upcycled earrings.

Earth Week Offer

Until Earth Day 2021 @ Midnight, take 10% off all eco-friendly goods on this site, (while supplies last.. in-stock product only) use code “Earth Day 10.”

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