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Exploring A Dairy-Free/Alternative Lifestyle!

Have you ever thought of taking a dairy detox? Is it time for you to take one? Are you wondering what that is exactly? It is when you go on pause from intaking any dairy. June is officially National Dairy Month, however, for those who advocate for veganism, plant-based diets or less dairy for health reasons, National Dairy Alternative Month came about during the same time frame. Living a dairy-free or dairy alternative lifestyle is not hard to do and is easy on the body; especially for those who are lactose intolerant. Many have seen wonderful results as they have removed dairy from their diet. They have done so with no side effects. So, whatever you may like with dairy in it, you can make your own version or find a dairy-free brand that can satisfy those dairy cravings through an alternative. Believe us when we tell you, there is an option that is dairy-free for that dairy option that you have lived to adore.

If you do not know how to, or simply don't have the time to venture out and make dairy-free alternatives for yourself and family. Here is a list of great brands that have done the work for you; all you must do is read the label, eat, and enjoy.

The 10 Day Dairy Free Challenge

Try going dairy-free for a minimum of 10 days to see how your total body feels. If you are bloated, you will more than likely see a decrease by easing up or weaning yourself off dairy. Pay close attention to the labels of all packaged good products you eat. If you are out to eat, ask questions. No question is dumb. We are talking about your glorious temple here. The one that is there for you every day you wake up to get ready for a new day. Dairy is in so many foods unbeknownst to so many. So, for these 10 days, really try to be mindful of what is in the ingredients that you put in your body and avoid dairy at all costs. Get out a journal and document what you eat, when you eat, and how you feel after each meal you have chosen to consume for just these 10 days to start. Eating dairy-free will have you savor many delicious moments.

Speak with a Certified Coach

If you need help following your attempt at this dairy-free/alternative journey, e-mail us on the contact us page or use this link here to make an appointment with one of our professional health and wellness/life coaches for a donation-based 15-minute discovery call.


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