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Good Day! Welcome to Earth Month. We at Earthy Naturals love the month of April because it brings us so much delight to educate and witness so many people become aware of how important it is to preserve mother earth. Through our events, talks, and products, we help people become more conscious of how their actions can help change the world we live in today to be a better place for us tomorrow and future generations. Earth Month and Earth Day theme for 2023 is to Invest in Our Planet! Will you take a moment and consider ways you can help to achieve this theme’s initiative, no matter how big or small? Remember, every day you have life; is a day for new opportunities to be fulfilled by you shining your gifts on people with your consciousness, influence, and energy. By now, most people have seen that we are dealing with a global climate problem that is not going away; we all as a society must come together and make some changes to benefit the earth we reside on.

Earth Month & Earth Day

April signifies that Earth Month is upon us and Earth Day is not too far behind. As we celebrate this month and the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day which will take place on Saturday, April 22nd, won’t you open your heart and mind to how important you can be in influencing what happens on this earth and consider ways you may want to make a difference for the betterment of our planet with your knowledge and gifts. As a human being living in this world, you have the power to make a big difference for change because you are a consumer, a voter, a community member, an appreciator, or inhabitant of the earth. You see we are all capable of caring for our planet with our actions; the choice we make today will surely impact our tomorrow. Think about it, you can advocate for our world by the decisions and actions you take every day that you live. Your buying habits, food choices, transportation methods all matter on how our planet protects us or disintegrates right around or from up under us. Haven’t you noticed the earth heating up, plastic everywhere, the air being polluted?

11 Things that can Help the Planet this Earth Month

1. Sow Seeds.

a. Whether you are sowing a seed into the land or into someone life; they both will eventually bud and grow into something beautiful that was curated by you.

2. Plant Trees

a. Trees clean the air by producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases.

b. They help to keep the environment inclusive of homes cool.

c. They help to reduce stress. Next time you are feeling uneasy, go for a walk and find a tree to sit or stand next to. Look up at it, hug and notice how you will feel. Trees can make you feel good when you previously were feeling down.

3. Edify oneself.

a. Be of a growth mindset and learn various ways that you can influence or play a part in earth month with your talents. There are so many sustainable events throughout the world seeking your help in some manner. It could be via donations, volunteering, taking actions on the climate, earth, or earth day causes. Open yourself up to learn how you can use your skills to make a difference this month and beyond. Hold yourself accountable for doing at least one thing for the betterment of the planet you reside on this month.

b. Take A Pledge to be more conscious and do something that is beneficial for mother earth, others, and yourself. An example would be to eat meat one day a week or 3 weeks out of the 4 that exists each month. Start small, but do something that will make you uncomfortable, but is right for the world.

4. Meatless Monday or Meatless April

a. Let go of meat to not only improve the earth, but to improve your overall health too. Cutting down on your intake of meat helps decrease C02 emissions, methane, among other harmful impacts to the earth. Need suggestions visit our downloadable store to purchase an e-guide or book to help you on this journey.

b. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of environmental harm on the planet.

5. Virtual Conference or Call in Meetings instead if flying.

a. Instead of flying, driving, or taking a train to a meeting hold your meetings virtually online or via conference calls to eliminate emissions from polluted routes of transportations.

6. Mind your water consumption.

a. Cut showers down to under 5 minutes.

b. Make sure to cut off all faucets when not in use.

7. Volunteer or Organize Event(s).

a. Find a river or community clean-up to donate your time to this month.

b. If you see plastic lying around pick it up and place it in a trash can with gloves on of course.

8. Buy Locally

a. Farm to fork time is shortened drastically helping to improve the air quality and global warming. Fossil fuel emissions are low or eliminated and air pollution is at a minimum when we decided to purchase products near rather than further away.

b. Positive impact on communities by increasing wealth in the areas of which you reside.

9. Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle (6 Rs of sustainability)

a. Rethink- Being mindful of our daily consumption habits.

b. Refuse-Avoid taking things you don’t need or want even if it is free. It will only create clutter and clutter cause chaos. So say no to excess packaging while you are at it.

c. Reduce-Cut down on plastic and paper bags and use reusables like our chicobags.

d. Reuse-Repurpose bicycle tires into jewelry. Turn cans into planters or glass jars into sugar, jam, or juice holders. Jars can also be use for fermentation of thinks like sauerkraut or pickles.

e. Repair-Fix what may still be useful like a watch with defective battery. Add a new one instead of getting a new watch.

f. Recycle-converting was like cans and glasses into renewable goods.

10. Add reusable eating utensils.

a. By now you should no longer using plastic utensils. Visit our store to purchase a sustainable bamboo utensil set that includes a fork, knife, and spoon at minimum. Premium sets have more perks.

11. BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag

a. In this day and age if you do not have strong reusable bag, stop by our store to pick up one that can carry your pineapples, juice and more without disturbing your trip. Bags carry over 50lbs. By getting rid of plastic bags that are only used for less than 30 minutes and carrying your own recyclable or reusable bags you have saved the inhabitants of the earth and sea.


In conclusion, though we only listed 11 we actually came up with 111 to write this passion filled earth day post. What we really want you to know is that it is up to us the people who reside on this planet to take care of mother earth. One of the best ways to do this is with empowering ourselves with knowledge, endless education and using our talents to make this world a better place with the choices we make and the habits we decide to form and implement daily. If you want to start making some changes no matter how small, use some of our suggestions or come up with a list of your own ways to help the earth thrive.

Pondering Questions:

  1. What will you differently to honor Earth Month?

  2. How will you celebrate Earth Day?

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