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Eco-Conscious Living!

Today is April’s Fools Day, the first full month of Spring and it is the month that hosts Earth Day and its many eco-friendly/green/sustainable festivities and clean-ups. There is little reason for anyone to be bored this month because their are a ton of events happening in just about every area that is educating or partaking in something to bring awareness to what Earth Day means and brings to the environment.

We all can become more conscious of our environment and how the things we decide to participate in and purchase, can make a difference in how we tackle improving the atmosphere for the better. You see any and everyone no matter their age, race or religion can improve their surrounding areas; whether at home, work, in the car, outside in nature or whatever environment one may find themselves in. The goal is to leave April more eco-conscious/ knowledgeable than one entered into the month; become more actionable in the desire to help mother earth strive to be the best it can be while we are living on the planet and for centuries to come.

10 Ways to Become More Environmentally Conscious

  1. Take a break from Technology – When is the last time you have unplugged for the world? Turn off your computer, phone, tablet, TV or other technological gadgets that you may have and just be; be in the moment with yourself and the sounds of nature. If you are unable to do this for at least 5 days this month, give it a try for at least 1 to 2 and notice how much better you feel. You will not only feel great because you are saving on your electricity bill, but also because being around so much electronic energy can have a draining effect on the body. When we say un-plug, take the electrical devices out of the sockets and make sure that you are not around anything that is emitting blue light that can mess with your sleep pattern. Blue light is often the reason why one wakes up tired in the morning; they never had a good night rest because their body though may have been laying down was not fully at rest.

  2. Use natural candles, incense, reed diffusers, sachets and flowers to make your space good. Scents that are natural and filled with essential oils from the earth is the absolute best way to destress yourself while also helping the environment. Do not inhale toxic products claiming to be natural, read every label before bringing anything into your space.

  3. Clean using Natural Products. Castile Soap, Baking Soda, Vinegar and Lemon or Orange can do wonders with uplifting your entire house cleaning regime. Give it a try for there is no need to using any of the many toxic products that are on the market today. Many are hormone disrupters for both men and women, causing problems with fertility. While you are at it, feel free to add other essential oils to the mix or add a few drops to a diffuser(s) and let the scent dispense through the air.

  4. Use a Klean Kanteen, Eco Vessel, BPA Free Bottles or Glass Tumbler or Glass Water Jar instead of plastic water bottles when at all possible.

  5. You do not have to buy a glass water bottle, you can use one from an Apple Sauce, Almond Butter or Kimchee, etc. Glass Jar. If you do not have one of those, the next time you go shopping be on the lookout for products that can be used for multi-usage purposes usage.

  6. Use recyclable bags made out of cloth, cotton, plastic water bottles. If you wanted to get creative, consider making your own bags using old T-Shirts and some thread and or a sewing machine. Find ways to eliminate or say no to plastic bags; but especially this lovely earth themed month. (More and more areas are going green eliminating plastic bags so get ahead of the trend before it becomes mandatory in your area.)

  7. Consider eco-friendly straws instead of plastic ones. Be mindful of things that are not recyclable and are destroying our planet by creating trash instead of being the solution to dissolving it.

  8. Water Usage - Be mindful of running excess water when you are brushing your teeth, washing your face, body or the doing the dishes. Turning off the faucet(s) and becoming more aware of how much hot water is running is helpful to your bill and the environment. Also, make sure when you do turn off the faucets water is not leaking of it.

  9. Eat more salads or raw meals this month. It will save on water, electricity and plastic consumption.

  10. Be creative, switch up between fruit, nuts and veggie salads. You will feel so much more different inside and your body will be thankful to you for it. If you feel the need to have rice or quinoa or beans; these items can be soaked overnight, drained and then eaten.

  11. Recycle – It helps to eliminate the amount of waste that is in the landfills. Become more conscious of where you put your waste. Read the recycling bins and put plastics in the plastic bins and card boards in the correct one. These are all very helpful little things one can do in starting to be more conscious of things that can be done to help the environment.

  12. After one finishes spring cleaning, take all the things that you do not want or that are in good or in fairly good condition and give them away to someone who may be less fortunate or in need of some newer items. Check out freecycle or donate your used goods to a cause that can benefit from things you no longer need or want in your environment. If you have time and are willing, have your own flea market or tag sale to help with unloading no longer needed goods. Remember your old goods will be someone else’s golden treasures.

  13. Up-cycle- These days people are taking their old or used goods and turning it something more viable like bags, jewelry, outfits or light fixtures. We have an Associate who turns old beer, wine and glass jars into creative light fixtures; how cool is that for being unique with something that was once used for a totally different purpose. This month start to look for things that is already around you, that you can transform into something unique.

  14. Earth Day Participation – Spend some time participating in earth day events that are taking place in your area this month. There are so many events that are going on that need volunteers or want to educate you on how you can do your part in improving the atmosphere. Be open to the many possibilities that may come your way in your mindfulness to live more earth conscious. You have an opportunity to come out with a new prospective, more knowledge and friends too.

  15. Become Friends with Nature - Get out in nature more, smell the roses/flowers/trees (whatever it is that you like). Get comfortable with walking and observing the trees, the ground, the water, the sky; the beauty from the environment that is all around you and available to you every day. Become more aware of just how stunning nature really is in its purest form. If you are up for it, go camping, hiking, jogging, running, walking or just sit still and take in the scenery with all of your being. Meditate, partake in Yoga, Pilates Qi/Chi Gong, Ta chi, Hula Hooping, Dance or whatever you like that makes you feel stress-free, energized and youthful. The goal is to experience nature and feel amazing while doing so. If you can work up a sweat in the process that is not a bad thing at all; for everyone knows that exercise is immense for improving one’s total health.

  16. Hug A Tree - That’s right we said it, while strolling around in nature find a tree of any size and hug it. Why you are at it take a selfie of you hugging it or doing your thing in nature. If you are feeling intrigued by any tree, you can always plant a tree of your own somewhere.

  17. Walk barefoot, lay on the grass, experience the joy of mother earth.

This April, take some time to smell the roses, lilies or whatever scent(s) it is that you enjoy inhaling and remember to shop green/sustainable/eco-friendly as much as possible. Stop by our on-line store to locate some natural and eco-friendly goods to make your environment more eco-friendlier. Check out the hot selling water bottle slings that fits just about any water bottle you use while you are going about your day on the move. This water bottle sling is made of up-cycled plastic water bottles and folds down into it's own pouch to minimize space when it is not in use. The Water Bottle Sling is quite an impressive unique eco-friendly handy apparatus that is good for the environment and beneficial for every day living! Pick products that last a life time or that can be used more than once without nasty health and environment consequences.

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