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Enjoying International Happiness Day!

Millions around the world have celebrated Happiness Day since July 2012. Today, that number has grown enormously. In some instances, we are celebrating the entire week now. Many are suffering from mental health issues that make them sad or uneasy; this day, significance is even more prevalent. International Happiness Day allows everyone, no matter who they are, an opportunity to feel good and be happy about people and things in their life. It also affords one the gift to love and approve of themselves.

International Day of Happiness has been organized since its inception by the United Nations to promote the idea that happiness is a fundamental human goal. After the first year, 2012 the day has been celebrated on March 20th. This year’s theme is “Happiness for All Forever.” It denotes our need to unite as one for human life, society, nature, and happiness on earth. This is possible if we all decide to shift our mindsets from one of negative energy and hate to one of positivity and love. Lots of work is needed, but it is not impossible with happiness.

Ideas for living a life of happiness

  1. Spending more time being optimistic

  2. Stop negative thoughts in its track.

  3. Flip the switch when they pop-up

  4. Pray/meditate

  5. Exercise enhances the feel-good hormones and helps you relax.

  6. Positive talk brings on happiness.

  7. Be aware of who is in your space and how they make you feel and adjust when/where needed.

  8. Eat clean

  9. What you put in your body can make you feel happy or sad.

  10. Make genuine connections that last virtually.

  11. Pick up the phone and call. Stop texting; give those fingers a break.

  12. Make genuine connections that last.

  13. Reach out and touch someone with a phone call or online services like Teams, Zoom, and the likes.

  14. Forgive yourself

  15. We all mistakes and are going to keep making them. We are human; mistakes will always happen. We must use them as a learning opportunity to move forward and bring happiness to you or possibly someone else.

  16. Love yourself

  17. Forgive others

  18. No one is perfect

  19. Smile

  20. It is contagious and makes you feel good, even if you try to fight it.

  21. Express Gratitude & Kindness to Yourself & Others

  22. Say “Thank You” throughout the day.

  23. Enjoy life by doing what you love.

  24. Find the things that make you happy and do them more often.

  25. Don’t make excuses for what makes you happy.

  26. Walk to your own tune, not others. (Do you)

  27. Listen to your intuition (head, heart & gut)

  28. Believe in yourself. Trust you.

  29. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  30. If, at first, you don’t succeed, brush yourself off and try again. Get up, do not stay down. Happiness is on your horizon.

  31. Journal

  32. Always be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and words. Stay mindful of how these things make you feel and reflect.

  33. Spend time in nature

  34. Sitting near water and or trees is calming; it can make one feel good.

These years are moving ever so quickly, won’t you consider participating in more things that make you happy vs. those that do not. Everyone deserves the gift of happiness in their lives.

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