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End 2019 with a Bang

Are you ready to end 2019 with a bang?

As it comes to an end have you done all that you could and wanted to do in 2019?

There is still time:

· To forgive someone

· To have a belly laugh

· To commit to self care

Love yourself enough to invest in you, your hair, body and spirit all need to be cared for.

· To decide to change and be better in the new year

· To clean house (All areas)

If you are not wearing it discard it?

If you can’t fit it and don’t want to gain or lose weight get rid of it

If you have it in your house and have not used in in 10 years discard it?

If you have a storage unit you are paying for and have not been there in 3 to 6 months; empty it out so that you can invest that money elsewhere.

If you have not had a relationship with someone and don’t want to ever again. Delete them from your files and life. If you are scared. Enter their info in a book you write in for just in case moments. Other than that relieve yourself from easy access from seeing their name or pictures (avoid temptations). It is not worth the aggravation.

If you want to eat better, clean out the cabinets and fridge and vow to not put anything in it for at least (1) month. (You have to start somewhere right) If I said (3) months it would never happen or chances are slim so I was trying to be more realistic.

· To write down your goals and keep to it for at least (1) month.

· To dream and take action on something you want

· To say thanks to all those who have get you through your hardest days and those who have always had your back.

With the new decade around the corner; just moments away and the old decade almost out the door what will you do differently? There is still time. Get to it!

In an increasing stressful filled world, it is more important now more than ever to take care of yourself in order to be the best you for your future.

If you need someone to hold you accountable to achieve your goals or what you don't know what you want yet? Contact us on our contact page and ask to speak to a certified coach. A coach is available to assist you on a new journey to obtaining your goals.

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