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Cleaning Out House

Last week, we talked about 10 things to do before leaving 2019 and this decade behind (kudos to those who are doing the work). This week, we are talking about cleaning out house; renewing it with sustainable goods.

in less than 2 weeks we will be ringing in a New Year/Decade. Are you ready? Is your house in order? Are you cleaning out house? Getting rid of the old, preparing for the new in all areas of your life?

If not, what in the world are you waiting for? There is so much to do and time is closing in on you, so get it together now. Stop the procrastination and start acting now or you will be in the same situation next year.

Cleaning Out House

When cleaning out house, whatever areas you decide to tackle, won’t you consider all the plastic that you may have sitting around your home that you no longer need too.

Contemplate making your home not only cleaner but greener too in the new decade. You can do simple things, like change your lights to more efficient ones, purchase eco-friendly produce or mesh bags like we have on our site, so you no longer grab for the plastic when at the store or anywhere for that matter. Purchasing an eco-friendly/sustainable bag so that you no longer need to get plastic bags from the stores is the right thing to do. If you reside in NY come March 1st of 2020, plastic bags will be banned and no store other than a pharmacy is required to give you a bag without a fee being charged to you; so be ahead of the game and invest now.

If you use plastic straws, consider switching to glass, bamboo or stainless steel, you have options; try all three and see which one you like the best. If you use plastic utensils, like the one’s from the Chinese restaurants and take out places invest in a To-Go Ware set that you can take everywhere you go and use it. The To-Go Ware utensil set comes with a fork, spoon, knife and chopsticks and are quite durable so it will last you a very long time. There are also the kids sets, which are a bit smaller, minus the chopsticks but are a great investment for them to have too. They are easy to clean and durable and comes in handy when someone offers you something good to eat and your only options are your dirty hands. The good thing about both of these To-Go Ware sets is they come with a carabiner which makes it hard to forget to take it with you. Now the question I get asked all the time is what is a carabiner? You probably have seen them and have many of them lying around somewhere; it is just an apparatus that makes it easy connect components of different things like keys, pens, flashlights, bags to a belt or pants buckle, a different bag or other sturdy things.

As you clean up the final days of this year, think about how your changes will not only impact your life, but those around you too. Prepare to start living your best life in all areas by being more conscious of the things and people you place in your sphere because they all have an effect on you in some shape or form.

Let’s start protecting our planet for future generations to come by leaving a mark on this world that won’t be erased. Save Our Planet!

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