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Celebrating Earth Day During Covid-19

In light of Covid-19, Earth Day 2020 will be celebrated digitally for its 50th Anniversary. Yes, to obey social distancing and keeping with the life must go on motto the show will go on. The theme for Earth Day 2020 is Climate Action. Let's make a mark on this 50th milestone that can't be erased.

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day will take place on Wednesday, April 22nd throughout the world. Though we are in the middle of a pandemic this is not going to stop the world from coming together to celebrate. People will be joining virtually to educate and promote the importance of making the earth cleaner and safer for all to live in. Take the theme “Climate Action” to heart when you decide to throw away your next piece of garbage. Use a can or recycle bin to dump garbage, not the streets. When driving to store, can you bike, walk or drive instead? There are things we can all do to cut down on things like global warming that stands before us daily.

6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day during Covid-19

Power Down: Use a Power Cord to connect electronics and turn off when not in use. This alone will save you tons on your energy bill.

Teleconference: Hold more meetings online, rather than commuting. The use of telephones, computers, cellphones or other digitally sound apparatus cuts down on unnecessary travel that releases smog into the atmosphere not to mention this way of commuting is much safer and less time consuming.

Reduce meat consumption: Your carbon footprint matters, reduce gas emissions by eating less meat. Consider going meatless at least twice a week for starters. This alone would do wonders to help Mother Earth sustain. Try to make sure you participate in Meatless Monday's it is the easiest day of the week to not indulge in eating meat because the day is so heavily promoted. Contact us via e-mail if you need help with this.

Start a garden. Whether it is in your backyard, vertically in your home or in a windowsill, get comfortable with growing your own goods from the comfort of your home. This will save you tons of dollars and less of a commute. Start small and grow big you will be happy that you did.

Upcycle: turn something old into something new – turn an old bandanna or t-shirt into a face-mask for you and your family if not on the front-lines. Turn an old t-shirt into a rag instead of using paper towels.

Reuse: Clean with clothe towels instead of paper towels

Our world is under serious attack right now, but there are things that we can do now to better Mother Earth for our generation and generations to come. Care for, Love and Protect our Planet, Mother Earth will thank us for it. Learn More

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