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Heal Your Soul this World Vegan Day & Month!

Hello. How are you feeling? Hope you are feeling great, energized, and thankful to be alive with all the craziness that is going on in the world these days. Last month, we celebrated World Vegetarian Day & Month. If you decided to go vegetarian last month how about you take it up a notch and go vegan today or a few days. Now, if you are feeling awesome, how about going vegan for the entire month of November; after all, it is World Vegan Month. Whatever you decide to do, know that there are some amazing health benefits in going vegan if you decide to go that route. Want to learn more? Contact one of our holistic health and wellness coaches.

5 things to do on world vegan day or World Vegan Month!

1. Take a pledge to do this thing.

a. Commit to going vegan for one day, a few days, weeks, or the entire month. By making a pledge you will more than likely stick to a plan vs. not.

b. A goal and plan is the best way to obtain results.

2. Buy a vegan lunch

a. Support vegan businesses with your dollars and awareness.

b. Think of your health. Take a break from meat for a while to witness how good your body can feel and function. Become a flexitarian, if need be, but at least you will know that you have given it a try long enough to notice a difference in yourself.

3. Get educated on vegan alternatives

a. There is a vegan alternative to all foods, do some research and give your findings a try.

b. If you have health issues a plant-based diet is quite beneficial in getting the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and can be helpful in lowering your cholesterol.

4. View a vegan film

a. The quickest way to enjoy the vegan lifestyle. Viewing such documentaries or films may change the way you eat and think in a heartbeat, whether because you realize how you are hurting the planet or animals or anything in between.

5. Nature visit

a. Take a moment to stand, sit, or spend time outdoors. Observe the fowls of the air, animals on ground, sea creatures in the water. Look in their eyes, see life in front of you. How would you feel if someone ate your pet or someone in your family? Extreme yes, but an honest and fair question? Are you speechless?

b. Visit the zoo, aquariums or the likes.

· Bonus* It is Meatless Monday

o Start the month off right. This is a perfect time to give Meatless Monday a try.

There are many options out there to try to eat healthy, but many care nothing about the planet, nor your health like veganism or a plant-based diet. If you prefer to be a flexitarian, it is your right, but do consider given a plant based or vegan diet a try for a day or two this month and if you can go for a week or the entire month the better your results will be. If you find it is not for you, at least you gave it a try. No matter what you decide to do; do know you hold your life longevity in your hand by the lifestyle you live because of the choices you make.


Need help with getting your health on track or keeping it there? Ready to make some positive changes to your health and wellness or lifestyle? We have coaches to help. All experienced in behavior change to help you shift your thinking so that you can begin to live the life you want to, your best life! Be open and you shall see. Contact Us

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