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Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Hi there! Hope that you are doing well. Today, February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day throughout the world. Breathe out and Smile! What does this mean? This means it is a day where everyone is encouraged to be kind to themselves, and others Look at today as your time to shine your beautiful light on what sometimes is an unkind world.

Honor Random Acts of Kindness Day/Week by deciding to:

1. Give compliments (stranger, co-workers, family, spouse, friends, pet, the earth, etc.)

a. Simply say “Hello, Good Morning, Good Evening, Please or Thank You" are good gestures.

b. Too many people have no one in their lives to be kind to them; more or less speak any of the word(s) mentioned here. So please take this as an opportunity to be the one to make someone’s day by shining your light on them. You have the power with your presence, time, and words.

2. Reach out

a. Take a moment to reach out to someone who has done something for you that you are grateful for.

b. Contact a long-lost friend and let them know they were on your mind and you miss them.

3. Share positive thoughts or simply smile at someone (no words needed)

4. Give a gift card (tea & coffee) or treat someone or even yourself to lunch, coffee, or tea.

5. Selfcare (Soak in the tub, spa treatment, journal, treat yourself good)

a. Take A Break (Be in the moment and inhale & exhale slowly)

6. Look in the mirror and speak kind words to yourself. (Smile, love, and affirm on you)

7. Listen with empathy (don’t say anything.)

a. Be in the moment and listen to what they need to get off their chest.

8. Stop murmuring and complaining

a. Make a conscious decision to complain less.

b. Grumbling and complaining benefit no one, but not engaging in such activity reduces blood pressure and stress, making you feel better, happier and more relaxed.

9. Donate (Whatever way you feel compelled to.)

10. Recycle, Upcycle

a. Throw trash in the proper area. If you seek to be creative, make something with what you were about to dispose of.


This world needs you to shine your light on it, and you should do so in a way that only you can. So, whether you celebrate Random Acts of Kindness today, during the week, the month, or decide to make this a part of your daily lifestyle, giving away your energy, time, money, etc., will not only make someone else’s day, it will improve your health and mood too. Kindness is said to extend longevity. Practice making random acts of kindness the norm in your life. No matter what is going on in your life, it will surely make you feel better when you conduct random acts of kindness. Try it!

#RAKindness #Randomactsofkindness

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