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Building Generational Health Right Now!

We often hear people talking about building generational wealth for the next descendants to come, but one of the things not often discussed is building generational health for future offspring. We see kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids get the same or more diseases than their ancestors, all because they continued in a vicious cycle of those before them, not because it was hereditary. Most of the conditions that family members suffer from have almost been passed down from generation to generation because nothing has changed within their eating or daily lifestyle. The amount of processed and genetically modified foods available today has made things worse.

Building Generational Health

It has often been challenging to know what to believe about the food one puts in their mouth. It is not often transparent where certain foods come from and how it has been prepared (organic or non-organic). Some foods are genetically modified and tear the system down causing inflammation and a host of other concerns, while others act as anti-inflammatory superfoods that protect the body. However, in this day in age, with so much education readily available to everyone, it is too easy not to be more conscious about what one chooses to intake into their body.

Today, with all of the technological information bestowed on to the world, there is no excuse for the past health paradigm that has existed for far too long to exists if it was not beneficial to the family's blood line overall health. People can make pivotal shifts to improve their health if they are willing to based on knowledge from the various sources readily available to them. There is no longer a need to be held back by lack of or misinformation.

How to Build Generational Health

The best way to build generational health is via education; proper education is the easiest way to shift health and wellness in the right direction. Education provides consciousness, knowledge, confidence, and wisdom necessary to implement and endure health changes. Education can be a cure for many generations of health curses.

Education on:

1. Better food choices

a. Reading labels: Taking time to understanding servings, fat, sodium, protein, and carbohydrates.

b. Consume a more plant base diet vs. a meat diet. Limiting meat consumption will not only do good for the body, but it will also do good for the environment. A diet filled with meat consumption is highly inflammatory, but partaking in one that does not consume as much meat say 3 to 5 times a week is better than having it every day with every meal. If you need to start somewhere, start with meatless Mondays. Monday will be the one day of the week not to have any meat.

2. Cooking at home limits processed foods in the diet.

a) Cooking more meals at home helps limit eating processed foods that are deemed unhealthy for the body. Cooking at home allows one to consciously notice how much sodium and other ingredients are in meals. Allowing families to avoid hidden ingredients and calories that may not be detailed when eating out causes high inflammation, blood pressure, cholesterol, or even sugar to spike.

3. Growing own food

a) Whether in a house or an apartment, one can grow their herbs, fruits, and veggies effortlessly. No need to be deterred; start with onions, cilantro, peppers, and tomatoes, and take it from there.

4. Exercising or moving

a) Exercise is known to improves health and decrease the chances of getting chronic diseases that can be debilitating.

a. Work out as a family, go for a walk once a week as a family; this is an excellent way to conquer and enhance generational health.

b) Knowing one’s health numbers is imperative; BP, BMI., Sugar, LDL/HDL Cholesterol, etc., are all excellent places to start to keep abreast of health.

5) Finance:

(a) Managing the economics of daily living reduces stress and increases security, which means one feels calmer or at peace.

(b) Keep daily logs of what comes in and what goes out and always put some away for rainy days or years. If COVID-19 has taught the world anything it should be to always have a back up plan to pivot when need be. Always have something put aside for those just in case.

6) Water Intake

a) Staying hydrated, particularly with water, is vital because these fluids help regulate the body’s temperature, circulation, and digestion, not to mention nutrients. Water helps keep the brain, heart, and muscles functioning correctly. If one does not have enough water in their body, they can not think or process information effectively. Also, not having enough water can lead one to become thirsty, constipated, angry, and lethargic. However, when water intake is optimal, toxins are being flushed out of the body with every sip one takes.

b) Set A Timer: Use your phone or an alarm to remind you to drink water throughout the day when you become so busy you forget to drink.


In conclusion, to build generational wealth, start making generational health decisions that can add some longevity to enjoying and spending great wealth while here on earth. Though no one knows when they will leave this earth, it is always great to go through life functioning at one's best independently of walkers or people helping one to get around for simple everyday activities. This Thanksgiving Season consider ways to build generational health so that you can leave a legacy that you are proud of for the future generations to come. Start by working on you, pass the information on, be open-minded about other's perspectives so that together, the health journey transformation can be a success and one that is followed by generations' to come. What Health Legacy are you seeking to leave?

Need help on your health and wellness journey or need a life coach to help you change your thinking? We may be available to help; reach out to us on our Contact US page and ask about a complimentary: 20-minute consultation with a Holistic Health Professional. Please mention this post in the message section. Thanks!

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