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Awaken Your Total Being This Spring!

Spring is in full effect; there is a little rain mixed in with a bit of sun, and nature is budding with flowers, fruits, and leaves which exhibits the beauty of our earth’s transformation throughout the season. This display of beauty signifies vast renewal. It is time to Spring Clean, not only the home but also the areas of our life that touch the spirit; inclusive of your temple.

If you are seeking an awakening this Spring Season, try Spring cleaning your inner-being, not just your home.

1. Get Grounded

a) Being present and feeling balanced is not an easy task but can be accomplished with some work. A practice as small as spending time in nature walking can help awaken the mind; doing so barefoot can be advantageous too.

1. Walk on sand, grass, soil, water.

b) While grounded make sure to focus on where your heart, gut and/or head(mind) may lead you. By paying attention to what one or all three is trying to communicate, you can enhance your intuition.

2. Get Better Sleep

a) Getting enough sleep is imperative to good Spring cleaning for the body. It helps to rejuvenate the mind. If you work at night and sleep in the day, make sure to have darkened shades or curtains that do not let light in when resting. The body has its internal clock, allowing people to wake up to the morning light.

3. Moving More

a) It can’t be said enough, move your body. Whether through dance or exercise, it is imperative to keep the blood flowing optimally through the body with no restrain. Just like water flows, a body in motion functions optimally when it has some type of movement going on. Water also helps to lubricate and maintain flexible joints that may get stiff due to dehydration.

4. Eat Lite and Less

a) When eating lighter foods such as salads or drinking meals, the body does not feel as weighed down as does eating processed foods with no nutritional value. Become more mindful of the foods that you place in the body. Eat more earth-friendly foods such as fruits, seeds, and vegetables. Grow your food in your garden or windowsill; there is comfort in knowing where your food derives from. While at it consider intaking less meat too. More miracles happen when more live foods are eaten vs. not. We really are what we eat.

5. Drink More Water

a) Drinking water not only helps one stay hydrated but also helps with circulation. It helps blood and food travel throughout the body as well as helps expel toxins.

b) Drinking more water will help to eliminate constipation too.

c) Water that circulates in the body helps to improve mental and physical clarity. Remember the body is composed of over 60% of water, where the brain is made up 80% water. This means it is so imperative to have constant replenishment water to function optimally; especially if expecting a supernatural spiritual emergence.

6. Get Outside in Nature

a) Whether it is rainy or sunny out, this will surely help the soul feel renewed. Get childlike, play, run-walk, laugh, or be still in the rain or sun. There is something powerful about having raindrops and sun beam down on the body. Release anger, release un-forgiveness, release anxiety and stress with every glimmer from above. Feel and embrace the cleansing that is happening and believe in the change that occurs all year long, but especially during Spring.

It is time for an awakening this Spring; consider cleaning not just the home, but your body, soul, mind, and spirit too. There is only one you, won’t you live by being the very best version of you? Spring Clean your total being with the great outdoors.

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