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8 Tips to Limit Holiday Stress

The holiday season is in full swing, and life may feel a little or a lot hectic depending on who you are and your lifestyle, but it does not have to be that way. You can make a conscious decision to take back control of your life and slow things down to a pace that you are comfortable with so that you can maintain peace and tranquility. Do what you can and no more than that for the remainder of the year to keep balance in the stress compartment. You will not allow anyone or situations to burn you out a minute longer. "No" will become a powerful arsenal for you when your plate becomes too full and you can not take on anything else, and you will be o.k. with that decision. It is time to destress while placing your best interest front and center and take time for yourself without guilt.

8 Tips to Limit Holiday Stress

  • Send e-cards

  • Instead of spending money and time sending out physical cards, where stamp prices continue to increase, obtain the digital addresses of everyone on your list and send one or two mass e-mails for the holidays. The great thing is you can begin putting together the list now and continuously add to it and when you are ready, hit send with the date marked for the 25th, and that is it. On Christmas day everyone will receive their e-card postmarked from you with great cheer.

  • Mindful gift giving

  • If you do not have time to get the perfect tangible gift, a gift card will suffice; one to the persons favorite store or a VISA or AMEX gift card may be another great option. No one is going to turn down such a thoughful cash gift.

  • If you have the energy or time to purchase gifts, consider something sustainable to educate the receiver on how their everyday activities impact the world. People must start somewhere, especially when it comes to learning how to live a more sustainable lifestyle to help the planet.

  • Support local and cause-related companies. Consider shopping with organizations with mission or vision statements and values that you align with. Stop, take a moment to honestly and sincerely think before making your next purchase; consider where your hard-earned money is going and who it will benefit. There is something that will make you feel warm and fuzzy when you shop from a place of mindful compassion. You will feel real good about your purchases.

  • Purchase after the holidays

  • For those on your list that you will not see until after the holidays, purchase their present later unless you see something that suits them exceptionally well that you must get. This will save you money, time, and unnecessary stress. This is one decision can take the stress and worry away now.

  • Plan ahead

  • The easiest way to limit stress during this time of year is to document things. Write out your goals for the month and adjust them as necessary. Goal setting and planning will help to avoid going off track due to your mind endlessly wandering all over the place or racing out of control. For example, if Christmas will be at your house this year, make sure you know if you will be catering food or making things yourself. Be honest about your capability to complete the tasks. If you are tired right now, it may be best to cater and make only one or two dishes instead of making everything which can lead to unnecessary burnout. Being burned out will defeat the purpose of having a proper plan to destress yourself.

  • Plan to complete all projects before your last workday of the year and stick to the plan. In addition, plan on improving your time management skills with systems in place in the New Year so you can have more time to do the things you want to explore or enjoy doing.

  • Plan to have fun, laughter, and smile more during the holiday season. Life is wonderful. Every day we get to witness the new horizon. Meditate on that fact often. Turn on some music, dance, sing, or do whatever makes you happy.

  • Budget properly

  • There is always tomorrow, so do not break the bank by spending all your money for one day or holiday season. Tomorrow will indeed be a new day.

  • If you can’t afford something don’t buy it, don’t even think of charging for it. Interest rates are super high, and the banks don’t care about you. They only care about getting their money back with interest rates and sometimes fees. Paying $20 cash vs. $50+ interest for the same thing really defeats the purpose of a joyous holiday season now. So, think before you spend whether charging or paying cash. Think no IOU’s this holiday season.

  • Take a break from technology (TABT)

  • Before the month is over and the New Year arrives, take a day or two to just turn technology off. Pause, truly take a break from technology, it not only can be done, it should be done for your sanity. Technology can be harmful to overall health and well-being from inferred messages (mostly negative) to the rays that are emitted from such devices. Document how you feel during and after doing this and take note if this is a healthy habit you could think about implementing into your healthy lifestyle regime more often.

  • Take a break from eating unhealthy foods

  • This does take serious commitment, but you can do it if you want to. Make a conscious decision to take your health back, by making healthier food choices that make you feel good and energized throughout the day vs. lethargic and cranky. Food really does have an impact on your mood. Try one of our recipe books or recipe guides to help you on your journey.(There is one for every type of eater. Contact us if you want to get more specific)

  • Self-care

  • As you plan out for the remainder of this year, make sure to take a little R&R for yourself, returning to work in the New Year, ready to operate at your best self.

  • Stay in a hotel/resort for a day or two to get a change of scenery from the everyday norm of coming home to the same place that may not be inspiring you as of late. Doing the same thing you have done most days for a year can be less motivating than being in new sceneries. This can open your mind and dispel vibrant energy to your total being, helping you come up with answers, ideas, or solutions to concerns like never before.

  • While at the hotel and resort, request a tub so that you can take a soak for a good 10 to 30 minutes. You will come out feeling rather rejuvenated and vibrant.

  • Take some time to reflect. The ability to reflect, to go within is magical. It can help to transform your mind and your thinking, seeing things from a different point of view than you had previously.

In Conclusion

The holidays can be a stressful time of the year, but it does not have to be that way for you when you decide to live a more conscious lifestyle. Most of life is about choices. When one becomes of age to know better, they can do better. Choose to make decisions that will cause you little to no stress vs. those that keep you in constant stress mode. This really should be the most joyous time of the year. Remember that you are in control of how others and things make you feel. Think differently than you have done in the past, and you will obtain varying results and feel different about the things you do. Life has a way of showering us with extensive gifts when we are open and least expect them. Release stress with the products.

Get Coached

As the year winds down, look at all your wins and where you may need help, reach out to us here @ Earthy Naturals for some transformational coaching. We offer coaching sessions for those serious about making changes to reach their vision(s) or achieve their long-anticipated goal(s). If this sounds like you and you are tired or doing everything alone or the same ole thing, getting the same results. Set up a 15-minute clarity call with one of our coaches, who can help you with: health and wellness (fitness, nutrition, weight loss, chronic disease, pre-diabetes, inflammation, etc.) Lifestyle (personal & professional development). Are you stuck, lacking confidence, in need of some motivation, or an accountability partner? Contact Us.

Stop procrastinating, or you might be in the same place you are today, next year, and the year after.

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