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7 Ways to Stop Living Stuck

Feel like you missed out on a dream? Always making an excuse why you can’t or won’t do or have something? Are you feeling frustrated or furious? You may be suffering from excusitis; inflammation from reasons and excuses on why you can’t do what you more than likely could do if you stop the self-sabotaging behavior that is self-destructing to your life.

Living Stuck is Choice

Being stuck is a choice; choose today to leave living stuck in the past and move forward anew, being more positive and wishful when handling life’s situations. You have the power to control your feelings and thoughts to problematic conditions that occur in your life. Your reactions and responses are all up to you on how you allow someone, something, or any situation you go through to make you feel. Take the high road and try to see the lesson in all circumstances and then attempt to let it go and move on with positive energy.

7 Ways to Stop Living Stuck

  1. Realize and Admit that "No One is Perfect"

  2. Until you realize that no one is perfect, not even you, nothing will shift for the better for you. We are all human beings that make mistakes. We fall, brush ourselves off and get back up and try again and again; that’s life. Falling and getting back up again is something all of us have done since infancy; one must crawl before walking. No man was born knowing it all, we all were taught many things, and learning never stops as long as we are alive. Life’s best lessons come from our mistakes, hurts, and pain. They may sting for a season, but then we bounce back like a rubber band. We are elastic people; we bend, move and change, but we do not have to break easily.

  3. Set Realistic Goals

  4. When you set goals and work on achieving them, there is something about living life more purposeful than roaming around with no end in sight of what one seeks to accomplish. Take a pen to a pad or take out your electronic device and start writing down some realistic yet achievable goals. Start with writing down a plan you can accomplish in a week, two weeks, and then a month, and then go from there. Stretch yourself to achieve what it is that you believe that you can accomplish. Begin small and then go big and then even more extensive from there.

  5. Stop Being So Critical and Judgmental of One Self

  6. 1. Criticizing and judging yourself does not help you grow; it helps to bring one down and keep us stuck. How about encouraging yourself and realizing that you are only human, but you can still use your many gifts? You may not be where you want to be, but each day you wake-up is indeed a new day to start a new (refreshed) to continue on a journey in the direction you would like to go. Critical thinking is a hindrance to getting you there so choose to see yourself in an improved light, it will not only make you feel better, but it may also give you the confidence you need to move faster. An unusual boost of energy may come over you.

  7. Speak to the Mountains

  8. When heavy things come into your life, speak to the mountain. Speak whatever is troubling away. Believe that you have authority with your tongue to speak victory into your life and do so. You have the power to say bad things, too, so be careful. Just look back on your life and see all of the good and bad things you have spoken and reminisce on the results. Use your power to do good for life has enough problems without adding to it. Speak stuff you desire to accomplish or have; speak prosperity and victory over your life and those you love.

  9. Have Faith & Take Action

  10. Believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to and take some action in that direction and watch things open up in your favor. Remember, faith without works is dead; you must move in the direction you want something to go in. Sitting around only dreaming and having faith will not impact the needle alone; action is a must.

  11. Live in the Now and Look Ahead

  12. Try to focus on your present and where you want to go. The past is over, and though it is good to look back now and again, it is not advantageous to stay stuck there. The goal is to think about it, reflect on it and move on. If something brings up too many bad memories from the past, you need not stay there and have a pity party, which will only keep you hurting and stuck there. Life is too short to not live in the now and be ready for producing a glorious future, one that you so desire to live and one that is better than anything you can visually imagine.

  13. Pray/Meditate

  14. Find your solace and comfort by taking time for you in a sacred space. Pray and or meditate every day or at least 3x times a week to start. Make it a habit; be consistent so that you can see things work for the better in your life. Prayer and meditation also help alleviate anxiety and stress; they can put your body, mind, and spirit in a calming and relaxed state and ease many worries while assisting one to get unstuck.


Getting unstuck is looked at as something hard to do, but it really is not. It is easy if we decide we want to change in actuality. Make a decision today this month to set yourself up to get unstuck. Aren't you tired of living the same way, with nothing to show for it? Change your thinking and take action, change your life.

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*Remember living consciously is indeed powerful.

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