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7 Ways to Honor World Cleanup Day!

On Saturday, September 17, 2022, more than 25 million people throughout the world will join for one enormous cleanup to honor World Cleanup Day. Won’t you take part in this beautiful day that promotes sustainability for planet?

What is World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is a global activism program that aims to reduce the world's waste problems. According to the World Cleanup Day organization, “World Cleanup Day harness the power of people around the world (in over 191 countries) to achieve things by joining together. Its beauty lies in cooperation: building bridges between disparate communities and including all levels of society from citizens to business, to government”.

World Cleanup Day Fact:

Cigarette butts are the world's most ubiquitous form of plastic pollution. More than six trillion cigarettes are manufactured globally every year. 3.5 trillion end up in nature by the litterbugs who have no respect for the planet. That means more than half of people who smoke cigarettes have no consciousness or care about what they do after taking a puff. Is it that they do not care about their lungs; therefore, they do not care for the earth that provides them the oxygen to breathe? Perhaps there should be a cigarette litter tax, fee, or charge, especially for those who flick their cigarette butts out of car windows.

7 Ways to Honor World Cleanup Day

1 Repurpose & Reuse

a. Turn a T-shirt into a rag to clean what you please from glass to the floor.

b. Get creative and turn most things in your space into unique treasures.

2 Plant A Tree

a. Help keep the air clean by filtering out pollutants. Trees produce oxygen that helps us breathe. Sometimes they can help reduce floods.

3 Make your space more eco-friendly/sustainable.

a. Find ways to make your environment more sustainable/green/eco-friendly.

b. No plastic, please. Visit our green/sustainable shop.

c. Recycle

4 Donate to the cause.

a. Give your time, money, or wisdom to someone, a cause, or an organization in need.

5 Get your hands dirty.

a. Clean the streets around your home or neighborhood.

b. Every day you see something out of place choose to do something about it.

c. Carry a recyclable bag and gloves to pick up things in front of you and go about your day feeling good about how you just engaged and helped the planet.

6 Refuse

a. Place mental and actual limits on the things you purchase. Ask yourself do you need that item and if so how long will you use it? How will the product or service impact the environment or even humankind?

b. Make a choice not to litter on mother earth. Be more conscious of your actions and activities that you engage in.

c. Say no to plastic as much as realistically possible.

7 Rethink

a. Inquire within to see if you are acting as a good steward of the earth.

b. Be mindful of what you may be consuming that is harmful to the environment and maybe even yourself.


This World Cleanup Day, the choice is yours to make a difference in our world. You can either do something to help our planet that attempts to protect us every day or sit back and do nothing. Choose wisely, for life depends on it. Do your part this World Cleanup Day and beyond.

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