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7 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month!

I love the Month of March; it is one of my favorite months for so many reasons. The fact that March is National Women’s History Month and National Nutrition Month are nice highlights too. I get to celebrate women who have made history through "Herstory" and those that continue to make history today, which are all of us. At the same time, I can encourage everyone, but especially women to make conscious decisions about the foods that they purchase for their home and put in their bodies. As a Holistic Health Professional, I help people make informed choices regarding the foods they intake so that can indulge in more nutritious nutrients that keep the body functioning properly vs. those that do not. This year’s theme for the month is "Celebrate a World of Flavors". This means it is time to add a little kick to some of the things you eat.

Celebrate A World of Flavors

Salt is not the only ingredient to give food flavor; actually, too much of it acts as inflammatory that can increase blood pressure or even cause other health issues. However, if you opt-in for some habanero peppers, cilantro, parsley, onions, garlic, basil, oregano, rosemary, curry, curcumin seasonings minus the salt you can flavor up just about any dish whether you like it hot or not. Do note, The American Heart Association, recommends less than 1300 mg of salt a day: especially for those with hypertension. The Dietary Guidelines of America, recommend less than 2300 mg and even less for those who have high blood pressure; this is less than a half of teaspoon which is why flavoring dishes with herbs and spices may be the better way to go. It is an alternative with little to no stress. You can always opt to travel the world while dining out to try different dishes, but by eating in you will know every ingredient that is in what you prepare. Savor the flavors of the world indoors and out.

7 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

1. Get creative in the kitchen

a. develop a dish that you have never made before with minimum to know salt but with lots of herbs and spices.

b. Make enough food to have leftovers for lunch or at least for 2 days or to share with a co-worker.

2. Engage in an online or if comfortable host a lunch or dinner potluck

a. Entertaining friends and family does not have to be an arduous task. Have everyone bring a healthy dish to display or share or educate everyone on how to make a meal together.

a. Simply congregate over a home cooked nutritious meal.

3. Visit a healthy restaurant with cuisines that you may not be familiar with

a. Now, if you are visiting a fast food chain, learn to ask for things to be removed like salad dressing, mayonnaise, etc. You can even request to get condiments on the side. Less of this and more of that is always an option or worth inquiring about. It is not a crime to ask for a meal to be made the way you like especially when you are paying for it and trying to do right by your body.

b. Check out Mexican, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian dishes to name of few. These foods are plenty flavorful with lots of herbs and spices.

4. Learn how to read and comprehend food labels.

a. If you don’t know how, do a search online or ask for help. One of our coaches can help you understand how to read labels too . Set-up a time to meet with us via our contact us page or here.

5. Start an herb garden

a. In March, before Earth Month arrives plant the seeds to start your herb garden so that there will be a plentiful abundance of natural nutritional things to relish on in April.

b. Enjoy more fruits and veggies in your weekly eating habits.

6. Engage in meatless Mondays to cut down on meat intake.

a. Make a commitment to yourself to have no meat on Monday's. It is the easiest day of the week to partake in such activities because there are so many verifiable initiatives online to help.

7. Clean out the fridge and cupboards.

a. Store only healthy foods in your kitchen. Clean out the cabinets so that when, not if you get the urge to eat something not so nutritious it won’t be around for you to easily grab. The likely hood for you to go out and get it especially late at night is slim to none and even though you have an app it is not worth ordering on it for delivery for something that will make you feel sluggish in the morning and give you immense digestive issues during the night.


In Conclusion, March is a beautiful month, it represents National Women’s and Nutrition month, Spring ahead, Spring cleaning, and the entrance of the Season of Spring. Do yourself a favor by investing in your wellbeing, especially regarding nutrition. Monitor what you put in your temple and how it makes you act and feel. Nutritious foods tend to make you feel more energized and vibrant with an extra pep in your step vs. non-nutritious meals. Since we are all making history every day that we reside on earth, what mark would you like to leave on this world that can’t be erased? What would you like your legacy to look like? How will nutrition play a part? Take a moment to reflect on these questions. Write down what comes to you. If this post has resonated with you and/or you need help getting your health and wellness or life on track or organized, contact us here, and see how we may help. We are offering a 15-minute complimentary clarity call. Click the link to check the schedule, if a spot is available and fits your schedule sign-up. Nothing to lose, and all to gain by moving yourself forward with an accountability partner who will be there to guide and educate you every step of the way.

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